Why Obamacare Is Bad Medicine

66 | By Shah Gilani

My good friend Mark Kot is the real Hamptons Doctor. He doesn’t make house calls because his Southampton Urgent Medical Care facility is where everyone goes for the best medical care in the Hamptons.

I asked him for his take on Obamacare. Yesterday he sent me the little ditty below, and I need to share it with you today.

He got it off the Internet. Which means it’s true. No, I’m not kidding. Well, at least this time I’m not kidding. This Internet ditty is true.

Before I share it with you, let me tell you why it is so true and so frightening…

Dr. Kot used to be an emergency room doctor at the local hospital, but he saw too many things there that weren’t in patients’ best interest. He saw long waits for people who needed immediate attention. He saw people getting billed huge amounts just because they had good insurance that would pay the tabs. He saw inefficiencies in the layers of bureaucracy that envelop hospitals. He saw a lot of things that needed changing, but he couldn’t change what he wasn’t able to control.

So in 2003, he went into private practice. He’s the only doctor in his stylish and beautifully appointed facility. His welcoming room – you just can’t call it a “waiting room” – is like a Hamptons house living room. He employs (as in created jobs, very good-paying jobs) 18 people at the year-round office.

No one waits more than a handful of minutes to get in. Everyone gets the best care for what they need and no “add-ons” or bill-padding, ever. Not that hospitals would ever do that (except for the ones that have been caught doing that).

They take some insurance, they have to. But most folks pay “out-of-pocket,” whether it’s the TV anchor paying by check, an area waitress paying with cash, or a poor-wee-bugger scraping along in life that Mark doesn’t charge.

What that does, Mark tells me, is make his office more efficient. He doesn’t have to wait long periods for reimbursements. He can manage his extensive payroll and other expenses more efficiently, which means he charges his patients less and he can pay his people more and run a better medical care facility.

That’s why his reputation and the facility’s reputation are renowned in the Hamptons.

Only there’s a problem.

Obamacare may put him out of business.

Why? He’s lectured me on what Obamacare will eventually create, and frankly I don’t understand all the nuances he’s explained, but he’s board certified and been a practicing doctor for 26 years. He knows his business.

So, rather than explain it all to me again, he sent me this little ditty.

Obamacare is going to screw up the already screwed-up American medical care industry because:

    We’re being “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, who have recently demonstrated their objective and professional integrity, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a President who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the Post Office all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke!!!!!

    What the hell could possibly go wrong?

It’s not that the local hospital isn’t a good facility; it’s just that no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded. And the insurance companies want it that way. Eventually they will raise premiums to pay for all the care that people are going to get, because everyone has to pay for the whole scheme.

And as far as creating good full-time jobs goes, you can count that out. Part-time help will be cheaper for employers who can’t afford the added costs they’ll have to pay. I’ve already heard anecdotes of workers who are getting their hours slashed in anticipation of the new laws taking effect.

There’s a lot wrong with Obamacare. There’s a lot wrong with the way it was shoved down our throats.

We’re being told it might taste bad going down, but it’s going to help us.

That’s not true. It’s just bad medicine.

Get ready for January 1, 2014.


66 Responses to Why Obamacare Is Bad Medicine

  1. Tim Kowalski says:

    Your Doctor friend is saying no one goes to local hospital because its over crowded. And you don’t see any problem with this statement? Maybe he meant no one who can pay goes there? What you don’t understand is the old model was broken, and cost was going up 10% a year. How long before most business would be priced out of the Health Insurance coverage for their employees? And where should they go for coverage, the local emergency room? Is that your idea of health care? As usual people like you who have health coverage, are short sighted and only think of yourselves.

    • fallingman says:

      Oh please. So righteous. So clueless.

      Do you not get the cultural allusion? Yogi Berra is famously credited as saying, “Nobody goes to that restaurant anymore; it’s too crowded.”

      Maybe what Mr. Gilani means is that nobody with any knowledge or any SENSE goes there anymore, because of what the statists and their corporatist conies have done to degrade “health care” delivery.

      On another score, how does putting this guy out of business benefit anyone…besides the thug state and its insider pals, that is?

      Being in favor of fascism doesn’t make you a caring person. Being in favor of the freedom to choose doesn’t make you short-sighted or uncaring.

      The system is broken precisely because of people like you who thought you could substitute central planning and manipulation of the market for the price mechanism.

      It didn’t work. It has never worked, and it will never work. But hey, as long as it allows you to paint yourself as a caring protector of the innocent, I guess that’s all that matters.

    • David B. says:

      “What you fail to understand” you leftist moronic Obama sycophant, is that while the old system was broken, you don’t fix it by injecting it with steroids!! You fix it by applying methods that have proven themselves to actually work, perhaps something that is based on Shah’s doctor friend’s model.

      • Jack says:

        I guess I missed it — what is the model he proposed? More of the same? I have never heard any constructive ideas out of the right wing yet. The Affordable Care Act is based on the conservative think tank model that the GOP loved until Obama adopted it. So what do they want to do – back to the broken system?

        • erich kellner says:

          Here’s one: Health Saving Accounts lets you accumulate tax-free what you otherwise would pay to insurance companies. Add a low cost high deductible policy and you are protected, while being rewarded for leading a healthy lifestyle. Presto! Beat that.

        • MannaSage says:

          You damn well missed it Lefty!!! If you’re talking about RomneyCare, that was, & still is, a costly failure. Where do you get off saying otherwise. We were a FREE country until your jerk was elected, now we’re less FREE, & we’re all pissed off!!!

    • richard malmed says:

      I am always surprised that those who comment on stocks dont understand economics and have such a strong bias against a democratic president president. Obamacare does add many to the insured health care rolls and many of these people are too poor to have afforded to pay health insurance in the past. Until the actual numbers are in,it may be that some who could afford health insurance in the past may have to pay a bit more.However the knee jerk negative right wing reaction to Obamacare is probably something they will deny in years to come like social security,unemployment comp,etc.Healthcare is very cheap for some people who underutilize,but very very expensive for avery few who have heart transplants,cancer treatment,and other very expensive treatents.Expanding healthcare coverage spreads the risk over a much bigger population absorbing the very few expensive users in the mix.We had already been paying for those without insurance because they were treated at emergency rooms or as nonpaying hospital admittees. The hospitals passed these costs on to the insurance carriers anyway since they were not paid per patient but as part of their total annual budget. Admitting these now insured poor people in an orderly insured way to the proper healthcare provider rather than the emergency room with an out of control condition that requires much more expensive care will result hopefully in much lower utilization. I am amazed that Doctors who thrived over the last 60 years by having insurance pay their bills do not understand insurance principles. I am more amazed that one who understands the baking industry so well does understand basic insurance. My gripe with the system is that many conditions requiring extensive health care are self inflicted by poor life styles- smoking drinking , overeating or poor diets,and failure to follow medical advice or take prescribed medication.These are the cause of explosive stats in healthcare utilization and expensive treatments. Many of these social welfare programs however have worked out well. Social security ,medicare,unemployment comp,workers comp are now seen as very effective safety nets . I think you should give Obamacare a chance to prove its effectiveness.

    • Paul says:

      Coverage is not the goal. Good health is. Coverage does not make anyone healthier. It may even hinder health care as patients must wade through the beaurocratic bog of insurance before they get treatment.

      You are right to say “the old model was broken.” The good intention of pre-paid health care (insurance) is a flawed model. It pools huge sums of money which lawers can’t resist. They sue and win outrageous sums in malpractice cases. Then insurance rates rise to cover the legal liability. The increased cost doesn’t increase health care or health.

      Make health insurance illegal. The money isn’t pooled. Hospitals return to being non-profit. Lawers can only sue the MD.
      Juries understand the MD’s limited resources and don’t award stupid amounts of money to plantifs. Lawers lose interest and Doctors can quit worrying about liability and concentrate on health care.

      The lawers and insurance agents and staff managing the insurance situation can all get real jobs

      “no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded. ” is a well known Yogi-ism(Yogi Berra quote). Please learn American culture before attacking our use of language.

  2. Pat Manchack says:

    I hve read the book OBamacareSurvival Guide. I have tried to enter my notes from this book, but have trouble entering more than 2 pages. I correct errors, and the corr ections are not used. Why? I OBama watching the e-mails that leave our computers? Or has he hired someone to watch our e-mails?

    • H. Craig Bradley says:

      Well, then you have some personal research to do. Alternatively, you could read my comments and some of the others for some specific functional deficiencies of the AHCA. Many people just don’t know what is going on from what you say.

  3. Ashley Goodman says:


  4. Char says:

    I have said for more years than I want to admit that insurance costs us more than paying for the doctor/dentist. I do think that we could use some kind of insurance for huge amounts for accidents, cancer or something very expensive and pay the doctor not the doctor and the insurance company and the government. When part D for drugs went into effect I said from the very beginning that it was crazy to pay first dollar benefits and then have a hole of non payment when it got to where you could not afford it. Soon between the insurance and the drug cost we were paying more than just getting it by itself. This is true with all of the insurances it is insane trying to figure our which insurance pays what as everyone has something different and different rules about when it is covered. Its hard enough trying to figure out buying it let alone billing it. How many HOURS we have spent getting billing and payment error fixed and in the end we are paying for those hours and the people we talk to about it. Give me the good old days when you went to the doctor and dentist and it was a reasonable amount and you paid it and left knowing he did what he thought best not what an insurance company or the government told him to do for your care.

    • tomaso says:


      The real way to go is Single Payer-State to State. Most savvy businesses are now seeing that was the way to go all along. There is a patsy though. The health insurance industry. Like the bankers, they screwed it up in the first place. The bankers just got greedy, but the health insurance companies got greedy over death.

      Single payer will have nothing to do with the government, it will not be attached to your job, and it will save billions of dollars in each state. It is the only way to get the economy rolling again.

      It will stop the bleeding by those businesses who want to do right by their employees. When it happens, employees will no longer have to give up raises for benefits, including all of the people who work for insurance industries.

      ObamaCare was written by insurance lobbyists for insurance companies, when it is repealed, it will be akin to the re-establishment of the Glass-Stegel Act for the bankers, but only if Single Payer is there to take up the slack.

      Human Resources will return to the business of keeping workers happy, instead of fighting with insurance companies over the litany of denials. Single Payer will allow Businesses to get out of the insurance business, and pay more attention to creating the goods and technologies that will keep us alive and breathing on this planet.

        • Robert Brink says:

          That’s right, David B., single payer is the government. And I don’t know why some people are so stupid that they allow themselves to be brainwashed into thinking “government” is synonymous with “evil.” Did it occur to you, sir, that Medicare also is the government? Yet I don’t know of a single conservative, even right-wing, person who is on Medicare and wants to do away with it. That’s because it works, and works well. And if it were extended to everyone else, i.e., a single payer system, our medical costs would drop precipitously because insurance companies with their need for profits and high administrative costs would be eliminated. It has been demonstrated to work much better in a host of other nations all over Europe and Japan, countries whose health costs are half or less than ours and whose life expectancy and infant mortality rates are far superior to ours. You, David B., and the others who have hurled insults at enlightened respondents such as Tim Kowalski are the ones wearing the “stupid” glasses. You are blinded by an idiotic ideology that robs you of reason. And Shah Gilani is of the same ilk.

          • wayne says:

            hey robert . the founders thought a govt. of men could turn evil. if single pay “works so well” why do they come here for treatment.

    • Barbara Olson says:

      You are so right.
      However, these things are true for some, but not for all. take Soc. Sec for instance, it is good for those who have little, but the people who have much and do not need more money must participatate in the program because what is fare for one is fare for all. So, this applies to all people. When someone comes in to ER. without money everyone pays the tab. We need everyone to be covered. If this plan has flaws, change the flaws, and make it work for all.

  5. alex says:

    My father was a physician in private practice when I was growing up, before medicare, and health insurances. He treated people who couldn’t afford it for free. He billed and charged privately. He had an office in a nondescript part of town and often worked 50-60 hours per week. He did not have 18 employes (what physician needs 18 employes???) – only one who was with him over 40 years. When he died, his former patients whom I did not know showed up at his funeral weeping. Where are the community doctors now?

    • RePete says:

      The insurance companies raised the private doctors malpractice premiums so high, it put them out of business.

      • David Pyndus says:

        Publicly traded insurance companies post their profits. You can find out the rate of return on any one of these companies. The trial lawyers that sue doctors, on the other hand, do not post their profits. The politicians who accept donations from trial lawyers post the money somewhere. The laws politicians pass to assist the lawyers are also posted somewhere.
        You may be looking at what you can see vs what you can’t!

  6. LEN says:

    obamacare is a train wreck by design… was never intended to work. it is merely an intermediate step towards a single payor system. when things get bad enough, the public will turn to the government to fix this mess and the government will offer up a single payor system as the solution. your health care will then be totally controlled by the government….it is all about control and power.

    • H. Craig Bradley says:


      Average, Middle Class Americans are the big losers under an Obama Presidency. Many don’t yet know or care, as they are younger than 65, but eventually they will find out and it will be too late for them! They got conned and then, Obama “cooled the mark”. Poor stupid dummies who elected this guy twice. No cure for stupidity, individual or collective. Its untreatable by any medical procedure.

  7. Kevin Kohorst says:

    To Kowalski and Parsons: You sound like the car dealer who wants you to buy a new car because your old one has a worn out part. Obamacare is a new car that everyone is supposed to drive (except Congress), but it costs way more to own and operate than your old car, and it doesn’t get you where you want to go (i.e. better care for less money.) With Obamacare we get more patients trying to see fewer doctors. Unless they’ve repealed the law of supply & demand that means higher prices. If you think the problem with the old system was 10% annual increases, you haven’t seen anything yet. Obamacare does nothing to lower costs. It simply gets the inefficient, meddling, greedy government involved up to your rolling eyeballs in your healthcare. Obamcare is unnecessary, unproductive and will result in the opposite of what was intended: namely higher costs for worse care.

  8. L.C. Walker says:

    I agree with much stated above and will add one additional circumstance that has contributed to this long slide into “socialized medicine”. When medical insurance was originally put into place there were few mandated medical codes as required to be covered in each plan. Insurance companies grouped people together into companies or groups so as to get economies of scale. That worked for awhile then the State and Federal Governments began to mandate proceedure after procedure year after year so each year insurance premiums increased accordingly. Now we are being faced with everything is covered and the premiums are huge and the profits are huge. The profits are so huge that the Affordable Care Organizations under ObamaCare are joining together and after a threshold amount is not reached they split the profits. How does that happen? Use your imagination this is one of the theories that the old Medical Managed Care structure was built on,,,a 50/50 split on saving of not treating the patients assigned to your medical office or hospital. This will be drought with side deals after side deals and the patient will be on the outside looking in.

  9. RePete says:

    No question that the system is broke. As soon as the emergency room realizes that a person is well covered with insurance, they do what they call “upcoding”. Charging more than usual which helps them cover the costs of deadbeats who don’t have a way to pay. Another trick is, “What’s your deductible ?” They will “upcode” the bill to cover your deductible because so many people do not pay it. These costs are then passed on to all of us in the form of higher premiums that we or our employers pay. Obama is right when he says that everyone should be required to buy insurance, even if it is prorated for poor people. A little bit is better than nothing. No more free rides. Even the medicare tax should be revised up to keep that solvent. And the best part is, if everyone is covered, then the medicaid program could be shut down for once and for all. Will it happen? Not with this bunch of self serving goons in congress.

  10. BB says:

    From reading your article I don’t understand how Obamacare is bad. The statement that no one goes to the local hospital because it is too crowded doesn’t make sense. It must be crowded with somebody. And how the experience of one Hamptons doctor who is in a very wealthy part of the country translates to the rest of the country that is not so well off is beyond me. There are no real specifics as to what is wrong with Obamacare other than innuendo. The good Hampton doctor charges patients less and pays his employees more, than who or what, (according to him)? Obamacare? Eventually they will have to raise premiums to pay for all the care that people will receive according to the article. So then we should not give healthcare to everyone and let them die in the street? And what studies or expert or facts back that up? Anecdotes of people slashing hours in anticipation of something that hasn’t arrived yet seems a little premature and possibly more indicative of motives other than Obamacare.This article is good at pointing out that politicians as a whole are human with all the essential name calling but devoid of anything other than opinion. I enjoy your column which is very good but find this article not in keeping with your usual high standards.

    • Editor says:

      BB, thanks for your comments. About the “too crowded” statement, that’s a famous Yogi Berra line.

      • fallingman says:

        I think it’s safe to say most missed the wry irony in the reference. I knew as soon as I read it that while it was both a funny and delightful nod to Yogi, it was too cryptic for the most. Too “Dennis Miller” I’m afraid, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

        To be clear for the humor impaired: It wasn’t a mistake people. It was just good writing.

        I suppose you could be more literal Shah, but that would be a shame. As former teacher, I made it a point never to dumb the material down to where only the slow kids could get it. Where there’s no challenge, there’s no growth. Gray is unappealing.

        Thanks for what you do.

        • BB says:

          Cryptic comments equal intelligence and not having been exposed to the reference before is dumb? If you as a teacher were able to dumb down the material so that ONLY the slow kids got it, maybe your smart kids weren’t so smart, and of course you were the “mostest” intelligent.
          Having been exposed to the reference I researched it and still fail to understand its use in slamming Obamacare. If the “others” are crowding out the local hospital, so “no one” goes there anymore, then the crowded out wealthy are populating the good doctors clinic. He should be happy. Obamacare is for everyone, especially those who are not wealthy, not just those who see themselves as insiders and maybe superior to the “others”. The insiders who get the cryptic quotes. Humor in this particular subject is probably no laughing matter for those going bankrupt because they had no insurance and became sick. But I am glad you found the humor.

  11. Jose G Plumey SPHR says:

    Just like this fine doctor, I’m sure there is always compliant about health care cost all over the land, some understand it others do not. There is a much taughts to this matter and your readers definitely have put their mind to it. My believe is that insurance companies have taken the best of us all, by inflating the cost and adding unneaded administrative cost to the whole pot, guys at the top of these companies that make millions of dollars? buildings and staffing that most of the time are not warrented, pricing up the cost by millions gone to hell. And of course there are the Pharmaceuticals who can sell pills and drugs in Mexico and elsewhere at penies , but not in America…what cost 2 pesos in Mexico cost hundreds in good old USA. Can OBAMA care take care of the costs, sure thay can, thay just have to be smart. I know I organized cost avoidance in my medical group in the 80s”…. from 7.5 millions to a reductions to 3.5million in just one year…..guess who took the fall…..yep the Insurance companies and of course the doctors and service centers who where milking the system. Oh and that was just about 5,000 in my workforce. I;m retired now, and you can bet that they are at it again………

  12. Lorne DeWitt says:

    Why hasn’t the Republican’t controlled house defunded Obamacare? The house controls the purse strings of the nation. They could stop the train wreck from happening, yet they set back and do nothing. They could’ve defunded the NSA’s spying on Americans and again they did nothing! So much for the Constitutional guarantees of the 4th ammendment rights.

    134 traitorous Republicans joined 83 traitorous Democrats and voted to let the NSA keep spying on you. The vote didn’t fall along partisan lines at all. There are some strange bedfellows that voted in favor of NSA spying: there’s Nancy Pelosi, Cathy Castor, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz right alongside John Beohner, Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan.

    Heck Obamacare originated from Massachusetts’ very own Romnycare. Yep, Republican Governor Mitt Romney came up with the tax and penalty scheme to buy his political clout with public sector unions en mass, in Mass! Fed unions saw how much money was seized from Mass tax payers, and how it grew government there, and said, “We want that for us”; as in U.S.!

    Well they got it and now we’re going to get it! Just keep repeating the same mistakes folks while expecting a different result this time. I imagine we’re about to dump the Demoncraps for Republican’ts again, and think that’s gonna fix everything. We’ve flipped back and forth with these two parties and we jjust keep sinking deeper and deeper. Time to try a third party option.

    Here is my alternate version of Paul Harvey’s timeless classic, “If I Were the Devil.” I call it –

    RIP America, Paul Harvey…

    If I were the devil … If I were the Prince of Darkness, I’d want to engulf the whole world in darkness. And I’d have a third of it’s real estate, and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn’t be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree — Thee. So I’d set about however necessary to take over the United States. I’d subvert the churches first — I’d begin with a campaign to infiltrate the churches with “social conservatives” and their desire to control our lives. I would pervert, church leaders and use their religion to fund corrupted politicians. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would use their “social conservatism” to break down the barriers that provide separation between church and state. So they could push their hidden agendas that use religious dogma to cover up their destructive works aimed at usurping and destroying the U.S. Constitution and enslaving Americans. Ultimately I will eliminate, that disgusting God given right called, “choice.”

    To the young, I would whisper; What the Founding Fathers meant by “Separation of church and state,” was that posting the ten commandments, having religious displays, or praying in public places is wrong. I would convince them that Republicans legislating morals is OK, though. And then I’d get organized, I would have Republican President Nixon declare a “War on Drugs.” within a decade I’d have prisons overflowing. Then I would have Republican President Reagan expand it and fund it, until before you knew it, you’d have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every door. Then trillions of dollars later a huge network of prisons would be built, along with expanded law enforcement and a growing judicial system, till it transformed the US into an American police state.

    I would convince Americans that they needed to trade their liberty for security from terrorist attacks by having both Republican controlled houses pass; the Homeland Security Act, Border Security Act, and both Patriot Acts. I would then have Republican President George W. Bush sign them into law. With Soviet styled heavy handed tactics, Homeland Security, would then be free to purchase 3 armored divisions (2,717 tanks), an infinite number of drones and 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition. Enough to kill every American man, woman and child, five times over! Then it would only be a matter of time before Americans would have their guns taken away and the US could finally be transformed into the fascist dictatorship I have envisioned.

    If I were the devil, I would make sure that Americans sat silently by and allowed it to happen by making sure it didn’t matter which party was running the country. I would see to it that third party challengers, especially fiscal conservatives, Constitutionalists and Libertarians, were drummed out of consideration by using the media to make them look like quirky and eccentric, whacko-birds. I would convince the electorate that any votes cast their way would be wasted. I’d make certain both parties were becoming identical. With any luck voters would be left choosing from the “Lesser of Two Evils.” That’s my kind of election! — When Democrats and Republicans facing each other suddenly realize that they’re looking into a mirror, they will see that it’s the pattern for the future. I will have, infact, created the perfect blueprint for “The New World Order.” Good day.

    • RePete says:

      Well Lorne, you make me glad I’m an atheist, glad I don’t take drugs, glad I never joined the army, and glad I’m an independent. But, to make you feel better, we have been here before. Remember this quote. “Government run by organized money is the same as government run by the organized mob”, Franklin D. Roosevelt

  13. RePete says:

    And another gripe of mine is the way the insurance lobbyists control our congress to the benefit of the insurance companies. For example, I have an insurance plan that covers me for health issues and accidents OFF the job. But when I’m at work, there is a requirement that workers comp. insurance must be bought for accidents ON the job. And when I’m in my car driving, there is a requirement to pay for accident medical coverage. All these different coverages , by law, just to make the insurance companies richer. Wouldn’t it be better to just have one plan that fits all 24 hours a day. And further more, don’t ever buy one of those cheap ass annuities that insurance companies sell

  14. P Clark says:

    You claim Obama Care is bad. Obama Care is a national health care system. All your arguments against Obama Care are political. I suggest that we discuss national health care in our debate about national health care.
    I do not really care about your politics, I do care about my health.

    • erich kellner says:

      Where does Obamacare deal with health issues rather than insurance issues? What good is coverage with no doctors to treat you?
      You are right, though, nobody seems to talk about healthcare.
      Insurance is not the answer, it is merely a tool to help pay for it.

  15. Robert in Canada says:

    The US is heading toward a Canadian style healthcare system which is a single payer government run system, fully unionized.

    In Canada, you have to wait 3 to 6 months to see a specialist, then wait 6 months to 3 years to get treated.

    Some people die while waiting for treatment. Some illnesses get worse while waiting and people end up permanently disabled.

    Hospitals are not clean and have dirty smelly laundry piled up in hallways (big piles of dirty laundry on the floor for days at a time).

    Patients are kept in hallways on gurneys for days because there is a shortage of real hospital beds.

    The only other countries with a “Canadian” style system are Cuba and North Korea. Soon you can add the USA to that list.

    No wonder that US law-makers exempted themselves from Obamacare, and the IRS wants to exempt all of it’s employees.

    There are lots of good healthcare systems such as Sweden, Japan, and Singapore that combine private and public systems. The US (and Canada) should follow one of those systems.

    • H. Craig Bradley says:

      Wealthy individuals can travel to Malaysia, India, or other Asian countries for high quality medical care to have their procedures done at far lower rates by excellent U.S.-Trained doctors and stay in immaculate new state-of-the-art hospitals. So, the Rich will be well cared for. Instead, the masses and the unions got conned out of the best medical care system in America. Too bad.

      • Marius says:

        Who the Hell is stoping you to do the same? If you can afford to pay health insurance in America and get next to nothing in return, than definitelly you can afford to pay out of pocket a rount trip air fare to India and enjoy all the luxury! And you’ll find out it cost you less than you spend on your insurance premiums here in the States. Most of the rich didn’t became rich because they’re stupid…crooks and swindlers, yes, some of them, but none is stupid…

  16. kevin says:

    No one that I know of is stopping practices, similar to the good doctor’s, from being established and the ‘more the merrier” we will all be if that happens. After all that’s private enterprise, and who knows it may proliferate enough to reduce the load on Hospitals!

    • erich kellner says:

      Obamacare is forcing you to buy insurance or pay a fine. For your private enterprise argument that is a barrier and amounts to double payment.
      Just like you pay for public schools even if you also pay for private schools. Bummer!

  17. Gary Semlak says:

    I’m 83 years-old and I don’t want special privileges. I just want what our congressmen get and vote for themselves: the best paid-for healthcare plan and a raise in salary (I notice there’s no movement to
    cut their salaries), plus their ability to take vacations when important work needs to be done (I was never allowed to do that!). It seems that congressmen from both parties have their heads in a very dark place and only major surgery can correct it. And by the way, doctors have also been known to be greedy; I have known a few. But let’s not condemn all doctors, there’s enough rotten apples in any profession—especially in the financial business. I love the way you expose them.

    • H. Craig Bradley says:

      Yep, Politicans and too many bureaucrats have another untreatable medical condition: Rectal-Cranial Insertion.

  18. H. Craig Bradley says:


    The Prohibition Act of the 1920’s was passed by the U.S. Congress and then became a constitutional ammendment. It lasted 13 years before public pressure grew to the point they HAD to repeal it. Similarly, ObamaCare is bad legislation. Lets hope it does not take 13 more years before the public is ready to force Congress to repeal it. When the time comes, ObamaCare will be suddenly gone. However, when your time comes- you’re gone. So, the question here is, which will last longer, ObamaCare or you? Let’s just see. Any bets?

    • Marius says:

      I’m betting on myself. So far, it looks I have the nasty habbit to watch stupid societyes, stupid laws, stupid customs, and afterall anything stupid, circling the bowl while, with my middle finger pointing to the skyes I’m saying “I told you so…”
      As long as something which cannot be sustained, doesn’t last forever, why this time will be different?…

  19. H. Craig Bradley says:


    Medicare intends to cut reimbursements to home health care allied medical workers such as Physical Therapists, R.N.’s, and CNA’s. For example, a good contract Physical Therapist today is paid $100/session per patient, while the Home Health Care Agency is paid $60. The total charge is $160.0 per session.

    However, beginning next year, the Medicare allowed amount is reduced by 37% to only $100.00, or a cut of $60.0/session. The Home Health Care Agency and the Physical Therapist then split it next year $50/$50 . Good physical therapists will simply not accept Medicare patients anymore and go only to a cash basis, private patients at $160/session.

    That’s the future of medicine unless the Federal Government forces all private practice medical providers into an eventual All Federal single-payer system (a.k.a. National Health Care). Some suggest this was the true intent of Congress all along: ObamaCare was “Designed To Fail”. By the time it “Fails” average life expectancies will probably have migrated downward somewhat a few years less. It takes a long time to show-up in the numbers. Detroit took 60 years to actually go bust. Still, its coming.

    • H. Craig Bradley says:


      The problem here is the people hardly ever learn anything from others.anyway. Only from their own personal experiences. Our political elite don’t travel much abroad and are out-of-touch with most voters at home. They live in a “bubble”. The voters are uninformed or misinformed and too confused to sort it all out. The politicans want to keep it that way because otherwise they would lose both power and control.

  20. robert w. says:

    I usually agree with you, but here you are off base.
    You should not put much faith in the political opinions of an elite doctor in the Hamptons. I’m sure he is little troubled by poor people seeking his fine services for free in that area and can easily afford to treat those who do.
    Surely he is an adequate doctor, but appears to get his Obamacare information exclusively from Fox news.

    • MannaSage says:

      What should we do, put faith in your political opinion Robert? You Socialists are all alike,, if you think we have poor people now wait until Obamacare BK’s our present healthcare.

  21. ray says:

    For those that support the Unaffordable Care Act (BTW, it does NOT protect the patients).

    It was written by lobbyists for the Ins. Industry.
    It was passed by Dem. majority in CONgress that didn’t read it.
    It did not include Tort reform.
    It did not include interstate competition.
    It was not desired by the majority of U.S. citizens.
    And, yes, the intent over time is to have a single payer system run by the government – they have run every other gov’t controlled program into the ground.

    What’s not to like?

  22. Andrew Voisin says:

    What many Americans and Canadians have forgotten is the true purpose of a doctor in a society. A doctor is there to care for people. To keep people healthy, satisfying any and all fair minded people’s conscience, and sustaining a productive society. A doctor must be someone who truly cares for humanity. Someone willing to sacrifice time and energy for the greater good. This does not exist in a self centered , selfish, ungrateful, and ill hearted society. The goal of a doctor cannot be the accumulation of great wealth in a high functioning health care system. If someone wants to be rich, it is perfectly moral. What you do is study business and practice it. To turn the practice of healthcare into business, as we have on both sides of the border, is like stealing food from your kids. Don’t get me wrong. A good doctor deserves the utmost respect and should be praised for his/her great deeds. The problem is “respect” carries much less value then it once did. Only money is respected now. To me all of this is clearly obvious. I don’t know why others can’t see it. The solution rests in cultural change. So, to anyone wanting to be rich study business. If you want the gratification of greatly helping others and your society as a whole, study medicine. A society not united by a genuine care for one another will fall. That’s a guaranty.

  23. Charles says:

    There is obviously a raging controversy regarding Obamacare. Don’t you find it a little strange that there wasn’t such a controversy during the 8 years of the Bush administration when health care costs were increasing by nearly double digit percentages every year? Well, I think I know why. It is because those costs were being borne by people like me, and maybe by people like you depending on your circumstances. We don’t have the power to make noise where it counts. However, the fat cat doctors and insurance companies were in the cat bird seat, so they weren’t making any fuss. No sir. Everything was just fine for them. Now that they see that they will have to pony up like the rest of us, they are squealing like stuck pigs, and their voices are louder than mine. I believe that’s where much of the noise is coming from. I don’t know whether Obamacare is good or not. I believe that a lot of people don’t know, including some who think they know. It’s not in place yet. All I know is that it is an effort to do SOMETHING about the problem whereas nothing was done in the 8 years before Obama took office. It’s hard for me to conceive that it can be much worse for me than what was already occurring, but I can tell you this. The fat cats will continue to make money. They always have. They always will. They know the system. They influence the lawmakers. The rules will ultimately be bent to their will. I read that businesses are already shifting to part-time workers. We are to believe that it is because they cannot afford full-time benefits. What exactly does that mean? Could it mean that they won’t make the same level of profits? Heaven forbid! If so, what level of profits is reasonable? You say, let the markets decide. Well, the markets are deciding and that’s why we’re seeing full-time employment diminishing, just as the markets were deciding while costs were increasing by double digit percentages every year. Maybe, just maybe if the general public does derive any benefit from Obamacare, we will not be so anxious to return to the previous state of affairs. If Obamacare fails, I believe we should look very carefully at the reasons, all of them, assuming that we can cut through the smoke and mirrors to know what the real reasons are.

  24. don hakeman says:

    nobody has said any thing about the Pharma’s who control the FDA so they can sell their worthless drugs killing cancer victims when they had cures back in the 20’s AMA is as crooked as well. Natto would save a lot of heart problems.

  25. Pappy says:

    It has been my experience that every time the government sets out to reform something it is always in favor of special interests. The people always lose. People in the middle class pay the bill and the special interests people collect. God help you if you are poor. All politicians do is blow smoke and the media adds more fuel to the fire by keeping people in a state of high anxiety and panic. These problems with the system and our government as a whole are not supposed to be fixed by design. People are fed so much BS by political parties they don’t know what to believe, but, God bless them, they still love their country and are ready to die for it by the droves. They have been fed so much BS that they would not recognize the truth if they heard it. Where are real Statesmen when we need them?

  26. Rhonda Warmack Houston says:

    To Shah Gilani’s ‘Wall Street Insights and Indictment’:: ANYTIME SOMETHING that is endorsed by OBAMA or is going to succeed, the Republicans sends out fear and negatives into the air, for ‘the people’ to hear. ObamaCare so far that I’ve seen it’s outcome, is better than anything that any Republican has or can even seem to suggest as an alternative method to take care of ‘the people’. Wall Street won’t want Obama Care to succeed because it’s for the people, not those who want to make money off of others. Your slant on how to view the world, would be expected to be negative, because no one will make money off someone else. For those who know about ObamaCare, you just sound ignorant. For those who do not know more about Obama Care, they will be find out more on February 2014 and will stop listening to you.

    • Marius says:

      At least no Republican suggested yet you have to pay a tax because you’re healthy! Only Democraps, so far, think anybody has to pay tribute to one of their largest campaign contributor – HMO’s…
      Because, afterall, that is Obamacare!…Like it or not.

    • Marius says:

      I would like to make another point. To whum I thrust my health and my body should be my, and only my concern.And if I already decide American healthcare is just the extention of Nazi extermination camp practice, and I definitelly don’t want to submit, by any means, why to Hell I have to pay at least 700 $ just to support the rakets? Which the fuc37n Congres just extempted of!…
      God, I hope they are 700 or so lamppoles arround the Capitol Hill, because we will need them for other purposes than lighting…

  27. Bonnie Ember says:

    Hello everyone.

    I am unhappy too, about,
    “Obama,” care.

    I have studied Natural medicine all of my life,
    Worked out everyday,
    & ate a basic vegetarian diet. I do not get sick.

    I detest Doctor’s who are trained in Western Medicine. Give us pills that suppress the symptoms & shove the virus back into your organs.

    I had a tumor in my brain from being an underwater swimmer, & the overflow came out in my skin on my face.
    I was diagnosed with Squamous cell cancer & it was removed & the holes, that formed, were stitched up.

    Well, your skin is your largest organ of elimination.
    The cancer was not coming from the skin but the brain. When the drain holes on my face were stitched closed, I got a tumor in my brain & breast & also cancer in my kidneys.

    …I made an ebook with all of the pix I took with a usb microscope of everything that came out the base of my skull, nose, eyes, ears, skin, as I was getting the cancer out.

    Here is a simple way to stay healthy:

    Cancer is acid in ph.
    Cancer cannot live in 8.5 alkaline pH.

    Stop eating acid foods, drink or eat a lot of sodium bicarbonate. It is alkaline.

    Bacteria, is acid,
    Viruses are acid.
    Microbes are acid.

    Stay Alkaline & you will not need OBAMA CARE.

    Is there a way to opt out if you are allergic to western medicine?

    Enjoyed your expose on the Gold Coup.



  28. skiingfast says:

    In the debate over “health care delivery” one should separate “Trauma Repair” which, broadly speaking, works well from “Sickness Mitigation”. It is the latter that is mis-labeled “healthcare” (Obama-… or otherwise).
    Recognition of these fundamentals must logically lead away from visits to care facilities(i.e. a short-term focus on mitigation) and focus on (the long-term solution) of healthy nutrition and a suitably healthy lifestyle. And that starts with removing from the foodsupply all the risky, not to say poisonous, ingredients that have been approved on questionable data (think Roundup, Aspartame) or simply tolerated (think antibiotic overload in animal feeding), or delivered under outright lies (think genetically modified organisms) which have to be covered up by preventing the consumer from knowing of their inclusion (often indirectly) in the food supply.
    My body – a few weeks from 3-quarters of a century old – exposed to extended periods of life on 4 different continents with many differing systems of healthcare delivery – is testament to the above. As is the statistic of my trauma repair costs being a huge multiple of the sickness mitigation costs. For the last quarter-century, or so, the only medication I took – and may take for the foreseeable future – is Ibuprofen, 600mg twice daily as required (which isn’t all that often). And I still ski professionally, coaching and competing, albeit in a senior league.
    And a glass of wine has enhanced a proper meal whenever the circumstances allowed it. It is part of my cultural heritage.

  29. James Y Moore says:

    Look, enough is enough. Affordable health care is law, get use to it. I support it and think any caring person should too. Health care prices are out of sight. My wife just had minor surgery, in and out, one day not over night. $50,000. This is bull shit plain and simple. The health care industry and it is an industry, is a bunch of evil, greedy people who don’t care about anyone except themselves. period. Hang’em all.

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