The Fed’s Cloak of Invisibility

93 | By Shah Gilani

When it comes to the Federal Reserve, it’s not a matter of what you see is what you get. It’s more a matter of what you don’t see is what you’ll end up getting.

Getting, as in up the you-know-what!

I’m talking about getting socialism shoved up our capitalist backsides, for one thing.

It’s simple: We are about to go over the so-called fiscal cliff. Why? Because Congress can’t figure out how to stop spending money it doesn’t have.

Forget the whole revenue side of the equation. It’s only part of the mix of fixes, and the only fix that matters ain’t fixed.

Stop spending money you don’t have and you don’t have to tax people more to pay for a bunch of crap they don’t need, don’t want, and don’t even know they’re getting.

Oh, that would be because on top of what we are getting there’s even more that we’re not getting. Congress’ paymasters are getting pork and beans for whatever they want because that’s how our Congress gets elected, by greasing the wheels of insiders to get taxpayer money for their private purses, enough to plentifully pay for campaigns.

But that’s only the “private” side of spending.

The spending scheme has mushroomed by expanding (and paying sickeningly outrageous wages and benefits) an ever-growing number of government workers.

And by expanding entitlements beyond what we are entitled to.

And by expanding welfare and “social programs.”

Yes, I am including 99 weeks of unemployment, and accompanying food stamps, and free money for unwed mothers to have more kids so they can collect more free money, and free day care, and all the other free stuff that ain’t free if someone (that’s you and me) is paying for it.

All that spending creates a class of people, a voting class. And, guess what they vote for?

Duh, that would be more free stuff.

So what’s this got to do with the Fed?

I’m glad you asked…

Just Like Magic

Because Congress wants to glad-hand out these freebies, the private ones and the public ones, to get votes and all the personal wealth that comes with their political positions. And they do not want to take away anything with the other hand (that would be raise taxes to pay for their spending), so they wink at the Federal Reserve, and lo and behold the Fed prints the money to pay for it all.

It’s just like magic. No, it is magic.

Congress spends and doesn’t have the money to pay up. So it borrows. It borrows from the Fed, people! If there was no Fed to print money and give it to Congress, the crooks on the Hill wouldn’t get away with what they take for granted as their political right, which is to spend money they don’t have to pay us to keep them in office.

Yesterday, the Fed stripped off its cloak of invisibility and said they were going to keep easing (how low can rates go?). In fact, they are going to step up their Treasury bond buying spree.

Our government doesn’t have any money, but needs billions everyday, so the Fed simply winks at them, they issue debt in the form of bonds, and the Fed buys them all up.

Revenue problem solved!

The Fed’s “Dual Mandate”

So under what authority does the Fed operate? How do they have the right to print money and pay for stuff that Congress didn’t get permission from the public for (because they didn’t come to us and ask if they could raise taxes on us to spend money on what they think is good for themselves)?

Oh, that right was given to them… by Congress.

Back in 1977 Congress gave the Fed a “dual mandate.” They said, besides your job to “maintain price stability and preserve the currency as a store of value,” we now want you to “promote effectively the goal of maximum employment.”

And just like that (it actually started back in 1946, but that’s another story for another time) the Fourth Branch of Government was officially sanctified.

Screw the Public, Feed the Banks

The Fed says we’re going to keep the printing presses running to fund Congress’ schemes (what fiscal cliff?) until unemployment is 6.5%, or inflation is above 2.5%, or until all the banks in America that control us and Congress tell us to stop because they have enough profits to buy more politicians and relax more rules and fund their next gigantic scam.

What the Fed calls more “transparency” in articulating their new monetary policy guidance schemes is nothing more than tearing off one cloak of invisibility only to find another underneath.

Which unemployment measure are they going to look at? How are they going to interpret U6, or how many people are counted or not counted in the ranks of people in the job market? Does the birth/death model need to be looked at, or ignored?

Targeting unemployment is their way of saying there’s not going to be enough money for banks to get really fat again if spending is cut back, or if taxes rise, so we’re going to do what we do, which is screw the public and feed the banks.

About that inflation in our future, we’ll worry about it when we get there. About that preserving the currency thing, we’ll worry about it when we get there.

The Fed only cares that its puppet masters (that would be the big banks and maybe all the banks) have enough money to lend (to the government) to collect their interest to enslave the population into paying them back by socializing America to keep them fat.

You see, in capitalism, the banks would be allowed to fail. And fail they would. But in a socialist world, failure is not an option.

Starting to get it?

93 Responses to The Fed’s Cloak of Invisibility

    • ED ALVES says:

      The Cloak of Invisibility …………….Talk about aTiger circling with its tail in its Teeth…………Great article Shah, keep the expositive candor ROLLING!

    • Frank Payne says:

      This is a world wide problem. There is on;y one way to stop the rot and that is for everyone and I mean everyone to go on a tax payment strike and force a referendum to have the roll of banks, the Federal reserve and elected politicians to heel. They haven’t got enough courts or prisons to counter such an action and boy will it get everyone focussed.

    • Jim says:

      I think the public understands that debt is bad, but doesn’t want to vote in a way that would reduce payments going to them or their State unilaterally. But a strategy focused on fiscal responsibility for all might stand a better chance.

      I think the answer is a campaign by State legislatures to call a constitutional convention to a) limit congress’ ability to borrow to bond sales to private individuals only – no loans from banks or foreign governments, b) make members of congress ineligible for reelection if government spending during their term exceeded revenue over the same period, and c) make congress abide by the same laws they foist on the rest of us.

      Congress will never enact term limits on its own, and even if it did, the urge to spend money is just too strong for term limits alone to make a difference.

    • Marge Wheatley says:

      I am not a Harvard educated economist, to determind the country’s situation.
      We have a split society..
      ONE is busy raising a family and all the activities, connected with a growing family….the other the “I” and “ME”..

    • Lang. says:

      “don’t know how it can be stopped”

      Stop “borrowing” US Dollars, or any dollars for that matter.
      If you don’t borrow the money they can’t print it, and the money simply does NOT exist until you actually sign the loan contract. Really, it’s that easy!
      People still wonder how the banks can be so profitable. Can you think of any other company that can sell or loan you something they do NOT own.

  1. John Parken says:

    It’s time for American (not illegals) to set up a clamor that our politicians can’t ignore — they have to disband/remove/throw in jail if necessary, the Federal Reserve. They are bankrupting this country so the A-list people can get filthy rich. From now on, I will attend every town-hall meeting that my politicians have here in the state of Texas. And they will hear me loud and clear. And you have given me much of the ammunition I need to let them hear, Shah. You, sir, are a true PATRIOT in every sense of the word. Keep up your great work exposing these con artists!!

  2. LITM says:

    Now that there are dollars galore being printed, the next step, if one wants to remain in government and thereby in control, will be to remove income tax because whatever currency is earned is itself counteffeit because it is not backed by anything than a promise by the printer.

  3. Patricia Smith says:

    keep it coming, one day the people will open their eyes and see how we are being screwed. FIRST we are going to have to put term -limites on these people in office and we are going to have to demand that they are all working together for the betterment of our country. STOP the Spending and get these overpaid idiots out of office. No one should be allowed to vote their own raise…

  4. Frank B. says:

    Yes Shah, I’m getting it good and hard, just can’t think of a way to turn
    the ship around! It seems that all I can do is keep my powder dry and my pantry stocked. This whole scenario reminds me that in the end, no one is going to ride to the rescue. It’s on me to try to survive what’s coming!

    Thanks, as usual, Shah!


  5. Abdul Gaffar says:

    You are right.This a giant scam to hide farcical fiscal cliff which was created by the congress to get away spending monies which we do not have

  6. Dave says:

    You are exactly right Shah. We have allowed the government to buy the votes of so many people on welfare programs, that they now outnumber those who are paying for them. The welfare people have no incentive to vote otherwise as long as they get their federal crack.

  7. H. Craig Bradley says:


    I would not “bet the farm” that “banks will never fail”. I suspect some banks (particularly unconnected small community banks) may be allowed to fail (collapse), as was Lehman Brothers during the last financial crisis in 2008.

    It was decided in a meeting with the Sec. of Treasury (Paulson), the heads of the major banks and brokerage houses, and Chairman of the FED (Bernanke) in Oct. 2008 who would stay, merge, or go out of busniness. Just like Stalin, Churchill, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Yalta decided the configuration of nations that would exist after the fall of Nazi Germany. Its called playing God.

  8. Thomas Hegarty says:

    The reason I lost my job wasn’t because of “socialism” it was because of Capitalism gone mad and GREED !
    Kicking those at the bottom of the pile is easy to do and makes YOU feel better.
    Start kicking the swines at the TOP !
    Starting with the seat of Barnankes’ pants !
    Maybe we could club together and produce a documentary or take out whole page spreads in newpapers, produce something “Gangnam Style” that might go ‘viral.’
    At present you are preaching to the converted, we collectively need to get this out across the public domain.
    What’s the best vehicle? A pop song, an ‘app’ a video, a school programme for infants, a mothers group?
    How about all the women go on “sex strike” till we all get what we want, apart from sex that is, uhmmm !
    I get the feeling this money business tends to be a Man Thing, am I right or am I right ?

  9. SELWYN BECKER says:


    • Lang. says:

      I’m not sure if it’s the “socialism” or the the current group of leaders dispensing their concept of socialism.

      The question remains, how well, as a society are we prepared to care for our “less advantaged” members/victims of this society.

      The problem remains, that there will always be a reasonably fixed segment of the population that will take advantage of available benefits, regardless of personal wealth. A more fair and equitable system for everyone person may reduce those numbers.

      Until we devise a method to determine just who exactly, based on wealth, or the ability to create personal wealth, is deserving and who is not, we will be faced with variations of our current dilemma.

      The Langalier

      • Buz says:

        The solution is the “miss meal cramps” – at least for those that game the system.

        I’m not against temporary help for those who have fallen on bad times, but it should be TEMPORARY.

        We seem to have adopted an idea of the continuous dole. As Shah points-out this buys votes. Unfortunately it bought enough votes this year.

        The powers that be were elected under a particular structure,. They will seek to preserve that structure so they can be re-elected. That structure thus trumps the electorate (as long as the electorate remains ignorant/greedy).

        This cannot be sustained.

        I hope for a political resolution soon. The alternative is scary.

        • Lang. says:

          “We seem to have adopted an idea of the continuous dole.”

          Valid comment, and “conclusion”.
          However, as I mentioned earlier about that “segment of society”. I am certain if looked
          at more closely, one will discover that their is
          a substantial portion of that segment who
          could be considered victims of our society
          for whatever reason. Everything from broken homes, physical and psychological abuse, sexual or otherwise often committed by family members who were themselves victims,
          to lack of adequate support to achieve a
          basic education, and when there is support to achieve the “credits” for an advanced education one is left with a debt equal to or greater than some home mortgages.

          Nuff said…

          for now.

          The Langalier.

        • Lang. says:

          I do not believe there is anyone who would set out on anything with the objective of failure.
          So now we are back to the same dilemma, just who decides whether or not a particular person is at fault or was just plain screwed by someone, something or a whole slew of little things, that all put together create a “victim”.
          I am afraid to speculate just how often a victim turns into a perpetrator.
          Think about this mornings events out east. Just another psycho with a gun or really “just more trees on fire”.

          “Trees on Fire” explanation further down this page…

          The Langalier.

  10. Steve Weiss says:

    Let’s bail out the bankers! Socialism? What socialism?
    Just another government (rich corporate proxy) war against the poor taxpayers (Rubes).
    Bram Stoker’s Dracula says it all – under cover of darkness (secrecy) pyramid-top down exploitation of the innocent (female victims), shape shifting agendas (bat, smoke, wolf), no conscience or legal accountability and only a stake through the heart will compensate by terminating the blood sucking elites.

  11. MT says:

    There is much talk and little action. I have written to both of my Senators and my Representative(s) as my district is changing in 2013 demanding what Shah has written and no one responds. One sent a form “thank you for contacting” but not one honest response. Perhaps a more persistent approach is necessary by all. I will send my letter weekly to my Senators and Representative and see if I ever get a response. To What End????

  12. Hans says:

    I sit here wondering why, why, why is all this Alice in Wonderland stuff happening? I look around and see that 1)the stock market has been on the rise.2) Price of commodities are stable. 3) I don’t see hyperinflation on the horizon. Is it me or does anyone else wonder why there is no depression? Yes there is: I’m getting very depressed.

  13. Derrick says:

    Yes, yes, but the magic seems to be working for now. Will we just continue to see the inflation creep or at some point will the bond market finally grow a pair and tell the Fed they ain’t going to cooperate and interest rates start going up? Otherwise this could go on for a long time. Look at Japan.

    Thank you

  14. Margitta Kijak says:

    Fantastic info: As long as people like Obama gets in ,us poor slobs that work and have respect for ourselfs, have no chance in hell to get a head.To many slug bugs out there.

  15. Peter says:

    Shaw, you just do not get it.

    You have heard of Girls Gone Wild, well we have Capitalism Gone Wild.

    What we need is Responsible Capitalism, which requires that Education, providing you pass your exams, be Free.

    A well educated public is a extreme asset.

    It also requires that minimum wage be tied to the cost of housing. Further that inflation be incorporated into minimum wage Thus no need for Gold to be the reserve currency as minimum wage would be the reserve currency.

    Minimum Wage as described above, would demand efficiency or bankruptcy.

    I could go on for a few pages, but it this does not get to you, it would be a waste of my time.


    • Lang. says:


      Please Google this > ” The Creature from Jekyll Island – A second look at the Federal Reserve – by G Edward Griffin “.

      I am confident you will find this book the best time you have ever wasted.

      Nuff said!

  16. Unknown Rider says:

    The election is over. Reason is dead, buried, so there is no point trying to appeal to it. Consequence only remains to teach. The question is: what will we learn from it?

  17. fallingman says:

    This was very well written. You’ve nailed it. Absolutely nailed it.

    People get so confused when you say the banking interests support “socialism.” Their first reaction is, “Say what?”

    Why would the very pillars of capitalism favor socialism.

    Because the big bankers aren’t capitalists!

    They want to be shielded from competition. They want to be shielded from loss. They want to be shielded from prosecution for the crimes of fraud, theft, money laundering, etc. They want the cost of money to be kept artificially low by the Fed so that their spreads stay fat. They want to be able to leverage to the moon with impunity.

    In a capitalist system, where failure is an ever-present threat, bankers either take prudent risks or they’re history. The opposite is the case now. We aren’t in Kansas anymore and this ain’t capitalism!

    The Fed has enabled and encouraged the bankers to gamble and gamble big. If this is capitalism in any corrupted form, it’s casino capitalism. And when they come up snake eyes on their Corzine-style bets, WE PAY.

    If they MAKE money, they keep all the profits. They grant themselves huge bonuses. If they LOSE, we’re the ones who get stuck. They get bailed out. The losses are socialized…and they still get the bonuses, paid from bailout money! These scumbags have no shame.

    Oh yeah, I get it alright. And thank god Shah not only gets it, but he’s shouting it from the mountain top. It takes courage. The man is a hero.

    And, in the face of this brilliant expose from Shah as he channels Ed Griffin from his masterpiece, The Creature From Jekyll Island, there are still those who would support and defend the Fed. There are those who would hail the Fed as rescuers.

    BALDERDASH. The Fed is the enemy.

    We are the serfs. They are the tools of the insider elite that seeks to consign us to perpetual indenture…never ending debt slavery. “Just shut up and keep making those interest payments.”

    Here’s my message to the Fed and all its quislings:


  18. Thomas Hegarty says:

    Oh, by the way Shah, here’s an open challenge for you !
    I keep finding information and videos stating, with considerable weight of fact, that the IRS has no legal mandate ANYWHERE, to tax employees of businesses. The man in the street. Only those selling goods and making a PROFIT on the exchange (That is BIG Companies.) are liable to pay income tax.
    At present it’s arse backwards, everyone that shouldn’t pay is paying and those that should, employ accountants to see that they don’t !
    Never mind the social responsibility aspects Shah, does they does or does they don’t ?

    PS perhaps another time ‘we’ could look at the “Carbon Credit” world wide system ?

  19. Michael says:

    Shah, the question that has been foremost on my mind during all these “Easings and Debt Renewals” which leads to devaluation of the Currency, “De-Inflation, Re-Inflation and nothing more than a Federal and Public Base Jump exercise to get to the bottom of the hole – that these Leaps of Faith bring on by the Act’s of our dear Congressmen and Women; The question is “When is this juggling act gonna bloody well end???”. This shit ain’t working – PERIOD, the Government KNOWS it ain’t workin, the Banks KNOW they can just blow their wads, then stick up their hand and re-fill their Vaults, and the People are past the incredulous stage – we’ve been anesthetized well beyond Numb! Everybody, EVERYBODY (except the Have’s) knows by now how sharp those jagged razor rocks are at the bottom of this self-made cliff because they’ve lost their jobs, homes, lifestyle’s, retirements and soon their food stamps, Healthcare, Education System, Rights of Freedom and Speech and unemployment “insurance”, but the only people screaming are you guys that sell the “Fear Factor” to weadel more investment money out of us in order to keep the balls in the air – lest they all fall down and the markets collapse and the Street Cleaners refuse to pick up the Base jumping Body’s splattered on the sidewalks!
    When does this Roller Coaster Stop??? The US is screwed sideways, the EU is screwed glued and Tattoo’d, the Middle East is under Siege by Israel & Big Brother, Asia is screeching to a Halt,and the Moon is actually made of Blue Cheese to feed the Giant Rats that live there with their “Future Predicting Machine beamed toward Earth… Let’s get this over and done with, put the “Closed” sign in the window and turn out the lights!!! The light at the end of the Tunnel is a High Speed Train!

    • John Wilson says:

      hey..thats rubbish..banks are broken Bernanke/Fed are trying to fix that by printing money
      You should know that….probably do..

    • Lang. says:

      One has to stop looking at all the Trees, (burning),
      and Focus on the Forest, (the big picture).

      Then ask yourself,

      “Why are all the trees burning and How can we make them less susceptible to fire?”

      Give that some thought people…


      • Lang says:

        for more clarity, this should read:

        One has to stop looking at all the trees, (some burning),
        and focus instead on the forest, (the big picture).

        Then ask yourself these two questions.

        “Why are some of those trees burning”?


        “How can we make them less susceptible to fire”?

        Give that some thought people…

        The Langalier.

  20. Mary Jane says:

    Citizens United is a big red flag on the way the country, and the tilt of the economy is going. Corporations (big banks, big oil & coal, big pharma, etc.) pour huge $$ to get influence in Congress and the White House so that legislation will 1) protect the huge $$ advantage they already have 2) suppress people and conditions that will challenge this advantage.
    Ironically, the most people receiving govt. $$ now are in so-called “red states” and voted for Romney. What does this say?
    To me it says we are being fooled by the media, too. And the country falsely divided politically along party lines. I found this election hopeful. It showed Big Money can’t always buy what it wants, and that people can see through inaccurate rhetoric. Everyone, “red” and “blue” is in this together to ensure that our political and economic liberty is secure.

    • Gc says:

      The more the media lowers the bar for themselves, the more it is lowered for the rest of of. Hence, soon we will all be as intelligent and responsive as those in the jersey shore. Just make a mental review of the political debates: was any serious, intelligent questions asked by the journalists? One even compared his wife to that of a candidate’s. it is a disgrace and will only get worse.

  21. allan h (from aus) says:

    Capitalists, socialists, ALL have one thing in common – self interest! Name me one member of society who doesnt. That characteristic has been the biggest factor in evolution.
    It is directly obvious in (1) some, & (2) circuitiously hidden in others like the goody goody’s crying out on behalf of have nots – it keeps THEM, just like the investor who buys low from the un-informed and/or cash strapped then sells high, making a tidy profit from the loss of others!
    Education you say? That enables both the above to do it better! Even the unmarried mothers are educated in how to rort the system.
    The answer? Cant see one. Riots, civil wars, world wars – all have repeated during history, without any solution.

  22. Ryan says:

    Last time I read the Constitution, it did not allow for a central bank. In fact, George Washington, Andrew Jackson and even Thomas Jefferson adamantly opposed the creation of the Bank of the United States for good reason. Sadly, we allowed the banks to create the Federal Reserve to serve Congress and themselves. Amazing.

  23. Edwin C says:

    Lots of grumble but as yet nobody points to the Conflict of Interests in the current structure of the Fed. Congress (the Goverment) should never have given those dual mandates to a private organization in the first place. I suppose they just want to usurp those powers from the President, rather than part of a Grand Conspiracy.
    Obviously there is a Federated Bank of banks (private organization); and there is a Federal Monetary Agency (government) which can manipulate and print money to nudge towards the dual mandates.
    The solution is beyond any administration to clean-up. Every voter and members of Congress need to be educated in this aspect.

  24. Roger Charlesworth says:

    Do NOT look at what they SAY they are doing, or trying to do. The OBJECTIVE is to make ALL the sheeple [ you, me and everyone who is not an INSIDER] dependent. Then they have you by the short and curlies. You are now ENSLAVED.

    • Gc says:

      It would be the best alternative to be enslaved, which we have been for centuries. If you have 40M people on foodstamps etc i.e. dependent on you, you can just stop the flow of these benefits, sit back and watch them die, kill each other, or chaos ensue or simple all of the aforementioned scenarios. To boot, we have been endoctrinated to expect the best and be ‘politically correct’ which simply means not to speak truth to power. Is any of this sooo far fetched that despite said indoctrination, we cannot wake up and realize what is going on?

  25. Ed the Grocer says:

    Who should be worried? The Fed has loaned the US government more money than can be paid back under normal times. We know that there is a limit to tax increases where you can’t collect more revenue. If the US government were to repay the Fed it would be with Federal Reserve Notes, in other words the Feds own funny money. Any attempt by the Fed to earn more money by raising interest rates would result in the immediate crash of the system. So …who should be worried? I think it is a clear case of chickens coming home to roost.

    • Gc says:

      Are you so sure of this? I feel the gov knows they can proceed with tax increases as long as they are not too obvious, and that people will shut up and comply due to patriotic BS, coward ness and lack of knowledge on how to complain and stop it. Haven’t our rights been eroded drastically? Isn’t Guantanamo still active? Is the cia still ‘waterboardin’? Do I really need to continue? Only when people act cohesively after acknowledging the facts will there be a possibility for change. Moreover, these plans have been in motion for centuries and this mafia/elite/hawks/or whatever you want to call them have the means, the structure, patience and means to wait until they can implement their plans. Time is not of the essence for them, there goals are, and they already have as much money as they may ever need. It’s global control they are searching for…

      • Ed the Grocer says:

        “The best laid plans of mice and men,gang oft a gley…” or something like that. We are all assuming that The NWO will succeed. The big tax payers are already moving offshore, the little guys will start skimming everyday, and there won’t be any wage earners. The collapse is continuing. The plan was that we ( north America ) would become a nice low paid labor source, just so happy to have a job at all. There is no real sign that we will all work together against the machine. So what will happen? I don’t know. We might not even recognize it. Even Benny keeps staring into space.

  26. Roger Charlesworth says:

    I know it is “off-topic” but what this thread is all about is the Fed, which is only a segment of the overall plan. I say ONLY guardedly, because for sure it is a major plank in the agenda of the NWO. So hows about the other side? How about 911 and the myriad of KNOWN facts that leave no doubt that this atrocity was planned by none other than the president at the time and his entourage. And THAT was a massive undertaking, to get all the parts more-or-less together. And keep silence., more-or-less, to this day. What Bernanke is doing could be passed off as well-meaning idiocy, but taking down the Twin Towers, and 4 passenger aircraft by the President thereby massacring in cold blood several thousand of his countrymen is beyond belief. That puts the System into the same class as Nazi-ism, which had identical motives. The Patriot Act, it now transpires, was signed BEFORE 911. 6 Jews sat atop a van WAITING for 911 to happen. Building 7 collapse was announced on BBC news BEFORE it collapsed [ and why did it?]. It seems that the ramifications of calling the Administration terrorists is a nettle we are unwilling to grasp.

    • Lang. says:

      “I know it is “off-topic” but what this thread is all about is the Fed, which is only a segment of the overall plan.”

      Not off topic at all Roger.

      One has to see the big picture to really understand the problem.

      Google this > ” 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! – YouTube ”


  27. FrasIsunset says:

    to put it in a way that everyone can understand the governments everywhere trust the banks to easily. My other theory is the banks are not so much malicious but more likely brainless and cannot make good investments Trust Santa Claus and his reindeers they will be here soon frank

    • Gc says:

      Do you really think its a matter of being overly trusting? I rather think they know exactly what they re doing. The only one here overly naive seems to be you!

      • Lang. says:


        “only one here overly naive seems to be you”


        The naivety of some people scares me!


        BTW -Gc…

        Did you ever Google this? > ” 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! – YouTube ”

        Talk about all the pieces of the puzzle finally revealing the big picture around this “tragic historical event!!!!

        The Langalier.

        • Lang. says:

          My hope is this video goes viral in the coming days, weeks ,and months, Hopefully sooner.

          ” 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! – YouTube ”

          So forward it on to everyone you know.

          Incidentally, Texas still hangs people for First Degree Murder.


  28. P Cobb says:

    Can anyone tell me where the Federal Reserve gets its own money to buy massive amounts of bonds issued by the government? The way I see it, either the Federal Reserve’s regional banks have all the funds (in which case they should have bailed other the little troubled banks instead of burdening the taxpayers) or the Federal Reserve cooks its book. Anyone, please shed some light on the Federal Reserve’s money trail. It can’t really be printed out of thin air because that would be quite frankly corrupt.

    • Ed the Grocer says:

      Two sort of answers. If you look in your pocket and pull out a ten dollar bill and read what it says. It says Federal Reserve Note. It does not say United States of America Government Issue. Also, even though there are enough US Treasury bonds to paper over Texas, they are still considered premium assets and are the same as real money, what ever that is.

    • Gc says:

      When you are not accountable to anyone, you basically have a bottomless source of money which is generated digitally. With said money created digitally the fed as only to process accounting tees by which they debit themselves and credit their banksters associates. Is it clear now?

    • Lang. says:

      “The country has already gone over the fiscal cliff.”

      Actually, that was just a speed bump compared to the “runaway” freight train that is barreling down on all of us.

  29. Arem says:

    Shah recently urged one & all to read “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin, and cautioned that we’d likely become (ah) upset. He was NOT KIDDING! My copy arrived yesterday, and I began to read it during work breaks. By page 37 (of 588), I was well into “stunned” … and had already developed a very strong sense of exactly where the next 551 pages were going to take me, thanks in part to a BBA in Finance (’78) coupled with a 5+-year stint as a field-based bank examiner (U.S Treasury, ’78-’84). Believe me, folks – even if you don’t “want” to, you truly DO “need” to read this book! It’s an “easy read” (not at all tediously “technical“), the author’s prose is “plain everyday English”, and the overall “style” is on the order of one darned good mystery story being systematically demystified; that is, it’s “thoroughly engaging” right from the get-go.

    [Sidebar – I went straight to Amazon, which was “out-of-stock”. I then clicked into “New & Used”, found a paperback source for “used” (call it $20, total), and it hit my mailbox within 5 calendar days (CA to WI) – its actual condition “pristine”! That source was, Reseda CA. ]

    I found the following factoids about this book by Griffin both interesting and notable. The First Edition was published in 1994 – and keep this in mind as there exist a few sprinkled references to situations and circumstances that will strike you as a bit odd/a tad off and yet somehow “familiar” (if you are old enough). ‘Reason is, they ARE “out-of-date”! And yet that sense of familiarity is due to “similarity” … a case of “history repeating itself”, in essence. Next: this work is now in Fifth Edition form (September 2010) – and in its 32nd printing (November 2011) in just 18 years, with 4 printings alone in 2011, and 13 total since February 2008! ‘Think this work ain’t gaining just a tad bit of “mainstream” AND (especially) “popular” traction”? ‘Think there just might be a REASON for that evident, accelerating traction? …

    Lastly, you fellow “Shah Shadows” (Y’ALL!) may care to check out these additional items:

    “The Project to Restore America” (Porter Stansberry, Stansberry & Associates);
    “The Campaign for a Sound Dollar” (Martin D. Weiss, Weiss Research);
    The Libertarian Party itself (Ron and Rand Paul, 2012 presidential candidate Gary Johnson, et al.);
    The book “Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown”, by David Wiedemer, Robert A. Wiedemer, Cindy S. Spitzer (Wiley, 2011);
    The book “Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis”, by James Rickards (Portfolio/Penguin, 2011); and,

    The “free” newsletters out of Stansberry and Weiss (above) as well as outfits like “Money Map Press” (Mike Ward), “Unconventional Wealth” (Brian Hicks), and various organizations/entities founded by Bill Bonner (Agora) and James Dale Davidson (e.g., “Sovereign Individual”, Jeff Oostdyke). Skip the “membership solicitation” stuff. The FOCUS, here, is on the fact that these various “free email subscriptions” will typically include a link to a/some “presentation” that is typically loaded with a ton of “eye-opening info” before it devolves into MARKETING MODE. Just create some “handy” new disposable email account for all this “new JUNK”, where you can pick & choose what to pursue/save/trash without swamping your “normal” INBOX(es). [Tip: consider for this explicit purpose.]

    In closing, Shah has got it ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! – “Screw the Public, Feed the Banks”. Just these 6 words SAYS IT ALL.


      • Gc says:

        You want to boggle your mind? Read about the Reece committee and then lets talk about government, the ruling elites and scary stuff!

    • Lang. says:

      A free “Kindle” type copy of Griffins book is available free online at:

      blockyourid DOT com FORWARD SLASH ~gbpprorg/obama/The_Creature_From_Jekyll_Island.pdf

      I hope the moderator lets this pass. It is not trash


          • Lang. says:

            vdowdle “Thanks for sharing!”

            No problem, whatever I can do to “de-ignorant-ize” the general population of the industrialized
            world. LOL.

            On that note,

            Google this? > ” 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! – YouTube ”

            Talk about all the pieces of the
            puzzle finally revealing the big
            picture around this
            “tragic historical event!!!!

            The Langalier.

  30. Gc says:

    We don’t need to hear more of the Feds and from congress. We already know they re corrupt and working against our interests. Now we need to put to action corrective measures. Any thoughts on hw to do THAT?

    • Lang. says:

      Gc “Any thoughts on hw to do THAT?”

      Sure do…

      Social media. Spread the word.

      It worked for the “Arab Spring.”

      A very simple place to start is to get any money you have left out of the big banks and into a Credit Union or small local bank. With that the deposits are invested locally.

      For a host of “thoughts” Google “Thrive Movement”


  31. ASHLEY GOODMAN says:

    If i knew where to go, I would go. We are watching the Congress and the Federal Reserve destroy the country. It is not socialism. it has no controls, it is a mindless beast that has seized the economy. Privatize probifts, socialize debt and we are all destroyed. it is suicide and everyone is complicit including the President. Maybe, there is nothing that can be done other than to watch and waitt for the next world war which has to come to clean up this mess. Too many people, too much currency, too much greed, mendacity, deception and it has to end in a disaster.

    • Ed the Grocer says:

      Well, here is warm and dry. Two to four weeks of winter every year. one of my best customers is a gold mine and I can see the winery from my front porch. No such thing as traffic problems. Know by sight most of the people in town. 100 miles/180 kliks from a Wallmart. Still fish in the creek and the deer are munching away in the back yard every three or four days. I could go on and on. Where am I? ha!

  32. Bob says:

    No doubt the banks have been huge beneficiaries of all this qe nonsense. The main reason for Bernanke’s antics is to fund the debt. There are insufficient buyers of Treasuries so Bernanke continues to purchase them. He is using reckless and irresponsible monetary policy to compensate for shortcomings in fiscal policy. Almost all of Bernanke’s other explanations of qe are deceptive bunk. In short, the chief lunatic (Bernanke) is in charge of the asylum (Fed Reserve).

    • Lang. says:

      “the chief lunatic (Bernanke)” ” the asylum (Fed Reserve).”

      If you were to read Griffins book you will quickly discover the error of that statement. The “magician’s” in control at the Fed are far from lunatics, and the Reserve is most certainly NOT an asylum.
      It is simply the most efficient, lucrative, money making, “population control machine” ever created by the greedy super rich elite who own the Federal Reserve

      In the last 99 years The Federal Reserve (a central bank) has achieved exactly what it was planned to achieve on Jekyll Island 1910.

      Please, if you care about your future, or your kids future just read Griffins book. It is quite possibly the most important book you will ever read, bar none.

      The Langalier.

  33. Arem says:

    “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, 5th edition, G. Edward Griffin. GET it, READ it, THINK! About $20 for “clarity” is damned cheap. You will become “amazed”, then “upset”, then “angry/outraged”, then FURIOUS! – and then, ultimately, extremely thankful to and grateful for author Griffin. GET it, READ it, and THINK! [What y’all are/have been reading from Shah lately is ALL THERE – in considerably more detail. Feeling “f__’d”? You’re “right” – because you ARE!] I bought & am reading the 5th edition of this work, originally published in 1994 – the 32nd printing (4 in 2010, 5 in 2011). Amazon indicates a “6th edition” — for which it is “sold out”. I’ve got the 5th edition – and it’s plenty “current” as to ALL you need/want to know about just what’s what, why, how, whom, and where it’s all GOING. ‘Got “questions”? HERE are “answers” – IF you have the stomach for it . . .

    • Lang. says:

      If $20 is over your budget, a free “Kindle” type copy of Griffins
      book is available online at:

      blockyourid DOT com FORWARD SLASH ~gbpprorg/obama/The_Creature_From_Jekyll_Island.pdf

      I hope the moderator lets this pass. It is not trash.

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