Conspiracy Theories

83 | By Shah Gilani

Can we talk?

Can we talk about unemployment in the U.S.? Can we talk about conspiracy theories?

I thought you’d say “yes.” I can almost hear you saying, “Hell yeah, bring it on!”

So, let’s have at it.

Let me say my piece, and then you chime in.

I’ll start by saying I don’t think there’s any conspiracy to manipulate the unemployment numbers.

You know, the numbers that came out on Friday and freaked everybody out.

Somehow, right before the election and right after President Obama fell flat on his face, after Mitt Romney knocked the champ (don’t get mad, he’s not my champ, he’s the champ because he’s the incumbent) down almost for a ten-count, the bloodied champ bounds off the canvas and stands on the ropes proclaiming victory over economic malaise because the unemployment rate fell below 8%.

Well, what’s freaky about the unemployment number, the U3 number, the most widely watched and reported measure of unemployment in the country, maybe even the world, is that it fell from 8.1% in August to 7.8% the September.

What’s got folks in an uproar (folks that aren’t so folksy when it comes to the champ) is that it looks pretty conspiratorial that unemployment hasn’t been below 8% in 43 months, not since Obama got into office. And all of a sudden it drops in August to 8.1% from July’s 8.3%, and far more freakily, drops to 7.8% (that’s below 8% for you non-math types) in September from 8.1% in August.

Before I give you my thoughts on why I don’t think there’s a conspiracy…

Okay, stop right there. I DO believe in conspiracies.

I believe that John Kennedy was assassinated in a coup’d’état in Dallas. Who did it and why? Figure it out, the facts are all there.

I believe that the Federal Reserve System is a front for the power, and of course, moneyed elites who run America for the benefit of its Club Fed members. The facts are all there.

Do I believe in other conspiracy theories? You bet I do. I just don’t believe in all of them, especially the ones that can’t be proved. Theories are fine, but give me some facts.

But I digress.

Does it smell like a conspiracy, some manipulation of the unemployment numbers that look so much better and may now aide Obama’s reelection campaign?

You bet it does.

But wait…

The U3 number is calculated by means of two surveys. There’s the survey of businesses (sometimes called the “establishment”), and there’s the “household” survey of… duh, households.

The business survey for September wasn’t so hot. Manufacturing lost 16,000 jobs, which came on top of a loss of 22,000 manufacturing jobs in August. But there were some net gains in the service sector, notably in healthcare and education. And government (they’re a service outfit, right?) gained 10,000 jobs; sadly that’s the third monthly gain in a row for the govies.

The big gains came in the household survey. Are you ready conspiracy theorists? Some 873,000 jobs were filled in September in the household arena, which includes the self-employed and household workers.

What’s strange and almost conspiratorial is that in 2012 the average monthly gain in employment has been 146,000 (the average monthly gain in 2011 was 153,000). But September’s gain was 114,000. So where did the 873,000 new household jobs (of which 582,000 were part-time jobs) come from, or go, if the net gain was 114,000 for September? And, how fortunate was it that July and August’s numbers were adjusted upwards by another 86,000 jobs filled?

How did the unemployment rate drop from 8.1% to 7.8% about a month before the election?

The answers are in the wacky way the Bureau of Labor Statistics (a division of the Labor Department) calculates the numbers. Here’s a quick guide on how they come up with the Monthly Situation Report.

If you read what’s there you’ll see that the surveys are prone to all kinds of statistical and empirical vagaries.

Anyway, the U6 number didn’t move at all. That’s the number that counts part-time workers looking for full-time work as unemployed. And it’s still way too high.

No one seemed to say that that number was manipulated because it didn’t go down.

The reason I don’t believe the better than expected U3 number was the result of a conspiracy is because the BLS’s surveys are questionable to begin with and are pretty much always subsequently adjusted, sometimes by huge amounts.

The civil servants over at the BLS are long-time employees, so it’s not as if they come into office with each new administration and work for them.

Besides, if the BLS was to be manipulated it might be by its Commissioner, the one that the President appoints. And the commissioner now…well, there isn’t one. Obama hasn’t nominated one. The post is vacant.

Furthermore, the BLS shares all its data with private sector economists, analysts and academics. Is there anyone out there saying the numbers don’t add up?

For all the Obama haters that are calling the numbers a conspiracy, I say, come on, where are the facts, where is the proof?

It’s all so much political dynamite being exploded in a contentious race. But, I don’t believe that this time there’s a conspiracy.

And my last point is this…If I was going to orchestrate this kind of conspiracy I’d have done it several quarters ago. That way no one would look at new numbers as out of left field, and at unemployment falling below 8% right before the election and point a finger and say, “Ah-ha! Got ya!”

What do you think?

83 Responses to Conspiracy Theories

    • Paul Chiampa says:

      Either you are a Democrat, ultra-liberal, working for Obama’s re-election campaign or clueless…or all of the above because there is no way this is ‘explainable’.
      The 873,000 job gain in September followed a 119,000 loss of jobs in August.
      That sort of turnaround is just too unbelievable and probably not to…
      be believed.
      When they were called by the Labor Dept. 142,000 additional people claimed to be self-employed.
      So in August did all those people who were out of work suddenly go into business for themselves?
      How? What kind of business?
      Or were they just making this up so they’d look better to surveyors?
      It gets worse.

      People aged 20-24 years old claimed they suddenly found work in September.
      This group had lost jobs in August and the figure was so outrageous that John Gavin, acting Commissioner of the Labor Statistics saw fit to note it in his comments Friday.
      But the Labor Dept. could not, or did not explain what was going on.
      With all due respect I think (as Romney told Obama during the debate) you don’t know what you are talking about.

  1. Anne Keller says:

    I don’t think it was manipulated – simpler than that. People who were on the unemployment compensation rolls ran out of benefits and dropped out of the count. Simple as that – there isn’t a reportable category for “unemployed, gave up looking, not getting benefits” in the government’s world, I guess until you qualify for food stamps, and they probably don’t ask those folks why they’re asking for them.

  2. B T says:

    Just what we need a nut job giving advice on money, You Republicans are HOME GROWN TERRORISTS and the evidence is right there in the internet to see, Killing abortion Doctors burning abortion clinics, Putting Bulls eyes on Politicians, and one was shot, Just look at poor Gabby, You people are terrorists, Preachers and a judge are threatening us if we reelect Obama there will be a war in this Country, Tea party rallies, who would want to go, Your threatened by all these nut jobs carrying guns to a Political. Rally. That is threatening to others. and yes your bulls*** Conspiracy theories. The only Conspiracy is you people Hiding the truth, YOU ARE HOME GROWN TERRORISTS!!!

    • John Parken says:

      I feel so sorry for you — you are deranged. The only American terrorist I see is Obama and the Democrats DESTROYING this Constitution! If he weren’t black, he would have been impeached by now, because he flaunts this Constituion and the Executive powers clause. Who the hell does he think he is, proclaiming that if Congress doesn’t act, he will. Show me where this is located in this Constitution! Constitutional law professor, my ass!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steve Lohrstorfer says:

        All the presidents do it. How loud did you complain when Bush did it. Your too extreme,you completely eggagerate the whole situation, and you blame Obama for the mess wallstreet and corporate banker’s caused, but all of you are silent about that. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

    • 7Pmr says:

      Typical response from someone who has drank from the cupobama. the sad truth is that many say the people voting for BO are ignorant, and then they just keep coming along in droves to drive the point home.

    • dave says:

      Hey bt(short for big turd)

      It is you and leftist wackos like you that are terrorists!!!. Dont try to blame conservatives for crimes that in every case were committed by liberal dumocraps!!! I think you should be institutionalized!!!

      • John Caravanserai says:

        All you people need to lighten up. If this polarization doesn’t stop and the two parties learn to compromise we really are going to be in one hell of a shape. For the good of the nation and the world lean on your congress to buckle down and do their jobs. All presidents use their executive powers. Get real people,if they(both parties) don’t find some middle ground and
        coerce the corps to bring home all that capital they’ve got parked overseas there will just be two classes and guess which one you’ll be in!

    • ron says:

      look in the mirror and say to the person in the mirror. You are a real nut job. Wow I can’t beleive someone like is running loose. Scarrrrrrrrrrry

  3. Edouard D'Orange says:

    Why does BLS do surveys? What is the methodology? Seems so screwy. I’d like to know how the numbers are gathered, calculated and adjusted. Or does BLS hide their methods, like the Federal Reserve and other government agencies?

  4. Frank B. says:

    Yes Shah, It seems strange that the numbers came out the way they did just before the election takes place. What really gets me is the way the criteria or formula for reporting unemployment was changed so the numbers look better. It would be nice to be able to see the real picture.

    Keep on keeping on Shah!


  5. Jeff Hurst says:

    If you REALLY want to know how serious the problem is for the West read Michael Lewis’s books “The Big Short” and “Boomerang”.

  6. Abdul Gaffar says:

    You are right in that it is not possible to manipulate numbers but survey techniques can be adjusted to reflect the data and this seems to be the case according to you analysis

  7. Rick Yearout says:

    Exactly! Shift ’em, shape ’em, alter ’em to whatever it needs to look like to make gov’t look like they know what they are doing. We all know that to be their fictitious dreamland. Sure the gov’t added over 10,000 jobs. but are they also short term jobs like all those temp jobs BLS is required to roll into the totals?
    This group will out of work soon again and back on the other side of U3 stats.
    I got a job in July after 6 months unemployed and this job will end in November so I will be joining said group at that time.
    Did not know Obama did not appoint a BLS commissioner.
    Thanks Shah

    • John Caravanserai says:

      Why bother, they’ve made a fiasco out of every post and nomination for posts that he’s tried to do. As long as some people in Congress feel that it’s more important to make the
      President look bad than to do whats best for the nation he’s got to pick his battles very carefully.

  8. Philip Dubois says:

    Every one of the last 60 plus employment reports have later been changed to worse that first reported–. not one in the other direction that would not be in Obama’s favor. And you do not think that their is mischief afoot in this organization. ???? . I am losing faith in your opinion. PLD

  9. Jerry Collins says:

    I like your logic; but I don’t believe government figures even when there is no election. They are lies, and the end of the month adjustments are also lies. Read the book 1984!

  10. Buz says:

    I have pointed this out in response to several stories about the jobs report:

    Throughout Obama’s term the White House has stated that we shouldn’t “read too much” into any single month’s job report. This while the reports were consistently dismal.

    By their own advice we shouldn’t read too much into this one, either. Any attempt to hype it therefore sure looks fishy.

  11. Peter says:

    So Shah, you really have to shake it and stir it before you calm it down? People are so used to lies, half lies and marketing lies, that facts are no longer facts, figures no longer figures. They are truths if they agree and like them, and conspirations if not. The most scary inflation seems to be in our language and communication. Why have we forgotten that the basis for a market economy is not what we call capitalism – it is something much more valuable – it is something called trust. Without trust, the whole system breaks down. The devaluation of trust in our society is really frightening. The reality described in 1984 seems to have been delayed, it didn’t arrive before 2012….

  12. spreadoption says:

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” (via Mark Twain).

    Shah, please finish your train of thought: “So where did the 873,000 new household jobs … come from, or go, if the net gain was 114,000 for September?”

    I agree that there’s no deliberate manipulation on behalf of the incumbent, but a little arithmetic suggests that we must have lost 759,000 in September. Add some, lose some, end up with a net.

    I’m not inclined to enjoy numbers generally (nor trust them sometimes), so am I missing something, or am I getting at the reality behind the curtain? Not only do politicians lie as a matter of routine, but statistics lie, too.

    (This fits into my axiom that it’s all worse than we think.)

  13. Hawk 121 says:

    In my humble opinion, you are right in most respects. There are two elements of fact that you did not attend to. First, there are lies, damned lies and statistics. That is not my original thought, as we both know. What is more sinister is that there are people embedded in the federal government who make up statistics and have their own agenda along with their government sinecure. I have seen that up close and personally, having once had a title that putatively put me in charge of a federal agency. Is there a conspiracy? Yes. But it is hard to see. People complain, correctly, of corporate nontransparency. Few know how much governmental failures of transparency are. That is far more sinister and potentially the fatal flaw in our republic.

  14. RetireFund says:

    Sounds like conspiracy until you learn that Canada reported a 450% jump in new jobs in September. Canada is a separate Country, and its numbers are not controlled by anyone in the U.S. Govt.
    Source BNN

  15. R Lemmenes says:

    A “government figure”? THESE days?! OF COURSE it will be “adjusted” — months down-the-road, when it no longer matters to the national elections. It is irrelevant that this is “normal, routine procedure” for BLS, just as it is irrelevant that BLS has no Commissioner. (And you fail to address the obvious question of WHY the Obama Administration has no BLS Commissioner.) And as to the BLS data being collected, compiled and freely shared with academics by “long-term bureau professional employees”, how does this obviate “manipulation”? Allow me to remind you of Barclays and LIBOR!

    The fox guarding the hen house is no different than the rooster ignorant of a fox — either way, the fox always wins The “vacancy” of the BLS Commissioner post is just another variation of the “denyability” cop-out routinely employed/used/abused by politicians in an attempt to escape responsibility/accountability/culpability.

    I see zero reason in this post to even begin to consider, what’s more accept, your premise/proposition/conclusion of “no numbers manipulation” (a/k/a “conspiracy”) in these latest-released BLS unemployment numbers. I reject entirely your facile argument of “months earlier” as both strategically unsound and tactically stupid.

    Admittedly quite new to “Insights and Indictments”, I will nonetheless state that it seems to me that you, Shah, are intentionally engaged upon a considered AND deliberate campaign to PROVOKE your readers/members with inflammatory-like posts calculated to elicit REACTION. I do not know your motives, or intentions. But I will say that I DO NOT LIKE IT!

    I will continue to “read”. I am unlikely to continue to “respond”, as here.

    WHY? “Internet Age”! — where absolutely EVERYTHING I do “online” is collected, parsed/analyzed, packaged, and then sold — without my knowledge or consent I resent it, HUGELY!

  16. Dean Tucker says:

    I think you give the Obama administration too much credit…I don’t think they’re smart enough to have thought about what to do six months ago! Just saying!!!

  17. Dan Eyde says:


    Since the Department of Labor defined the “long term discouraged” out of existence in 1994, the American public has been focused on the headline U-3 (and to some extent the U-6) statistics. You’ve certainly hit on the vagaries and discrepancies associated with sampling as opposed to absolute measurement. John Williams does a much better metric which attempts to normalize the data including the long term discouraged. He’s showing about 23% as the actual unemployed / underemployed / quit looking number. on his ShadowStats site. This number jives with what I know to be true in my life and my community.

  18. Mike Murphy says:

    You make sense to me. No comments now. I’m just a quiet lurker. Except I agree with you about Club Fed. Could you drop a few more hints, like, a good, “balanced” book source detailing this?

  19. Richard Chaput says:

    Shah – you still don’t really explain the extreme discrepancy, Has there ever been this level of discrepancy before? The household survey obviously has some weaknesses in determining the real numbers, but this level of differential, and its timing, are hard to accept. Conspiracy? Maybe not, but not believable either.


    • Steve Lohrstorfer says:

      Richard,its only 3/10s of a percent. Thats not huge. Its interesting that when the numbers are bad the same people questioning them fully agree with the figures (see fox talking heads)

  20. john mendenhall says:

    What numbers reflect people like my son , a 24 yr old college grad,who had a job as an intern for six months but refuses to collect unemployment? Many have worked “under the table” in part time situations just to remain solvent. Off the books and under the radar.

  21. Hugh says:

    Who is ghostwriting for the missing BLS commissioner? He/she has no name, so you can’t trace or question him/her. This creates the perfect Obama setup. For all BLS number questions, he simply points to the BLS ghost for answers. He didn’t build that!

  22. Kevin Donnelly says:

    Don’t confuse us with the facts’
    It really pains my head
    A few good sound bites on TV
    we’ll mark the subject dead.
    There is a lot we have to do,
    to keep abreast of things
    I have to answer this damn phone
    every time it rings
    I’m watching sports on live TV
    and eating at my desk
    so history doesn’t count right now,
    I’ll read it when I’m old
    And as a long term partisan
    I’ll vote the way i’m told.

  23. Lazarus says:

    I respect your opinion; but, I disagree because of the deceptive nature of this administration. This reminds me of how communist countries and dictatorships manipulate their posted data. Let us hope that we return to a free market and not continue in the path of a total centralized economy and nation.

    • Steve Lohrstorfer says:

      Hey Lazarus, how about weaons of mass destruction. yellow cake uranium, mission accomplished,read my lips, no new taxes……..

  24. R. Walstedt says:

    Of course there is no conspiracy. All you need nowadays is for some kind of statistic to be aired that makes the Obama administration look good and thousands of right-wing ideologues are out from under their rocks screaming bloody murder. The BLS is a highly reliable institution. The 7.8% is just a continuation of the unemployment curve from its previous history. Look at this curve! It has been declining steadily ever since late 2009, and now it is time for it to break below 8%. As Antonin Scalia loves to say, “Get over it!”. There is no surprise here.

  25. joseph feldesdi says:

    as a canadian i find it interesting how joe biden talks down the economy, while campaining for the democratic party. perhaps the administration doesnt want people looing for work thereby lowering the unemployed, maybe the obama team just got lucky. curious

  26. Doug says:

    I like you think the surveys are suspect. On another note, I predict using your posts that you will vote for President Obama a 2nd time even though you say you disagree with much of what he has done. As you said in today’s post ‘the facts are all there”. You can use the information your posts have provided to determine how I made my prediction,

  27. Louise Cave says:

    We’ve all heard about, and some have certainly experienced, the numbers that aren’t for real when nobody takes into account the unemployed whose benefits have run out. Do they suddenly cease to be unemployed…or what? If so, it’s a paycheck that they can’t take to the bank. Surveys can be so easily manipulated to get a desired result.

  28. Danny C says:

    I think I’ve lost about $1000 plus per year at the gas pump for 3.5 years. Government jobs only burden my pocketbook. Where I work, I’ve watched Production and overtime die. Weekly layoffs for 3 years. 7.8% means nothing to me. The only reason my company is still in business is because of a $10,000,000 tax break from the Government (Romney-like) as an incentive to update the plant and stay competitive. The tax break forces the company to employ a certain number, but they roll layoffs to stay in the tax break because orders aren’t there. Something’s gotta give out there besides percentage points.

  29. jeffreyd heck says:

    this election is a billion dollar fiasco(dog and pony show} obama will not be re-elected, he will be however re-appointed by the electoral college as he has done what he was told to do!!!! WAKE-UP SHEEPLE!!!!

  30. Jean says:

    OK. So there may not be a conspiracy. BUT! How many know that the holiday temp hiring just so happened to start last month? Those are temp jobs that were filled. A job filled is a count against unemployment no matter if its temp, part time or what! I still say the numbers don’t add up for such a drop. Now only that but wages are no where even close to reflect the higher prices of staple items people need these days. I will never understand how a higher market, higher prices. lower wages and a devalued dollar is good for an economy! And many think Obama is doing a good job! At what? Spending tax dollars? He gave the OK for electric companies to just about double the bills of consumers. Why? Cause oil went up? Most electric plants use coal or nuclear. I don’t know of any that use oil! OK. I said enough. I don’t need to say more, do I? Just remember. You nor I have any control of what someone writes in a report. I could say to a surveyor that all in my household are unemployed but who’s to say they don’t write all employed? Remember who pays them!

  31. Sam says:

    The PARTICIPATION RATE WENT DOWN! If unemployment goes down and the participation rate goes up, then that = REAL JOB GROWTH!
    Your thoughts please?

  32. Doris Kelsey says:

    I heard that most of the jobs were part-time. I think there is some pre-christmas hiring going on. Why so early? Seems halloween is the second largest holliday, shopping wise. If you want to boost sales, giving people jobs so they have money to spend is a logical way to do it.

  33. Tom Pendergast says:

    I think the BLS numbers are consistent with their past reportings. I don’t think there is any conspiricy to deceive. It’s just that the metrics that the BLS uses fail to take account of the part-timers or given-up looking for employment into account. In addition, the lower unemployment rate may be due to the rise in seasonal (temporary)
    employment that will dissappear in January 2013 and return to 8%+ thereafter.

  34. Chuck from Salem says:

    The Dems will pull crap like this at ANY time; it’s just extra convenient that it has happened so close to the election, when Obama desperately needs a boost. This is such a load of u-no-wot; it’s unbelievable.

  35. Andy says:

    Hi Shah. I fully agree. No conspiracy. This is a case of garbage in, garbage out. Once the BLS sorts through the garbage more carefully, I believe the unemployment number will be adjusted up. What’s troubling is how many Americans don’t understand the vagaries of government statistics.

  36. Sailor Jo says:

    Very good. This shows you are not taking cheap shots.

    Coming from a country where unemployment numbers are reported and not result of a survey it is hard for me to understand the methodology. What the BLS does seems rather much the way amateurs work, in early stages of development.

  37. bill simmons says:

    There is an age old saying “if it looks like a duck,it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, its most likeky a duck”. Enough said. bill

  38. bardel says:

    I think it was calculated . So where did the 873,000 new household jobs (of which 582,000 were part-time jobs) come from, or go Were they part of the incoming illegals that were given a stay and told to get a driver’s license immediately? Were they all put to work by our labor secretary (forgot her name) so that the job numbers would go up?

  39. Steve Mifflin says:

    There may be no conspiracy, it depends on how you define it. But there is manipulation of the numbers… huge jumps for the past two months and too strong to believe (or to be real) numbers for September. Both right before the election, come on! Confirmation will be the October numbers being mysteriously delayed until after the election. Of course, by that time it will be too late.

    This fits right in with QE3 coming right before the election. Bernanke has to save Obama’s job in orde to save his own. It makes perfect sense in a manipulative, self-serving way.

  40. erich k says:

    With facts you won’t have a theory, conspiracy or otherwise, but facts.
    Having said that, the numbers do not add up as you rightly point out.
    144K net gains vs 853K?
    BLS always makes adjustments, sometimes drastic. What kind of morons are evaluating the surveys? Why even have them then?

  41. ron goddard says:

    you are right on kennedy..he took the fed off the rothschilds and rockefellers etc in June 1963..the poor buggers were mightily upset. Then kennedy had a nice afternoon drive in downtown Dallas, in Novemeber 1963, spoilt by those nasty CIA fellas you know and the fed went back to the rothschilds and the rockefellers etc. everything is rosey in the garden again..the fed members pick up over one trillion dollars in interest payments annually(non taxable) from the american people.from money ‘loaned’ to the US treasury by the fed..which grows money on trees in their ‘;money tree’ plantations. Harvesting goes on year after year. and sometimes there is a super harvest. I like their style. Now why didn’t i think of that. I am so jealous . Those ornery critters thought about it before i did.

  42. H. Craig Bradley says:

    ( Joe Six-packers of America)

    U.S. Banker Paul Warberg (Jewish) said in 1913: ” We ( fellow bankers) intend to establish a one world currency, be it willingly or by force”. It was further established that the world financial goals of the international banker cabal were intergenerational and therefore very long term ( 1913 to 2012, count the years).

    He left no question that they will eventually control everything financial and in the process, everyone else, as well. In addition, Paul Warberg inferred there is “there is nothing anybody can do (about it) to stop them”. He was very plain spoken.

    • H. Craig Bradley says:


      Just remember that the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK ( Central Bank) is private and not in any way part of the U.S. Government. Its members are appointed. The bankers who together own the FED are all private bankers who hide their true indenties. My guess is they are all tied in with the central banks of all the other G8 Developed Western Economies, as well.

      All these central banks were selling gold bullion from 1999-2007 to depress the price of gold. Now, they are all buying gold at the same time, manipulating the market. When they want the global financial system and the U.S. Dollar to crash, WAH-LA, its a done deal. Then comes the global currency and a new, global super central bank. Get Ready ( to become a slave of the elite bankers).

  43. Carolyn Hubbard says:

    I think they will do anything to get Obama elected. He says one thing to one group of people, if you keep up with the news he is caught in lies.
    Can we prove they orchestrated a conspiracy no. Their actions show beware. Even if the numbers are true they still have not counted the expansion of welfare and those who have given up looking for work.

  44. Pablo says:


  45. Don Thordarson says:

    I think that the numbers were definitely manipulated. All that Obama needs is these last numbers, (to continue his failed policies),– to get re-rlected. Once he gets re-elected the new revised numbers will come out showing that unemployment actually did not come down at all. At this point Obama won’t care as he will have been re-elected under a falsehood which sums up his entire failed Presidency. Unfortunately 2 things have occurred #1) the Republican Party does not have the ability to run a candidate, that is a moderate, that has a chance of winning and #2 the Democratic Party continues its big push toward Socialism–a mindset that has never been successful in the history of the world. Period!

  46. STAN says:

    I think you’re all wet on this one..
    114,000 job increase and we drop down .3%??
    What about the bodies coming in to look for work???

  47. Citizen says:

    They stir the numbers because they do not care what the logical
    readers think as they are a minority.
    The average voter is too stupid to add 2+2 and thus believe
    unemployment is really falling.
    The fox puppets spew out rhetoric that only fools would believe.
    Yet the fools keep re-electing the same crooks.

  48. tom says:

    Chicago politics spawned the expression “Vote early and vote often” There are no boundaries to their tactics. I never thought you could be naive, but you are as innocent as a baby on this one. Romney has already been accused of being a tax cheat a murderer and a liar.
    What more evidence do you need???

  49. Noel Falconer MEcon says:

    Stalin, the WW2/Cold War Soviet tyrant, said it: ‘Who cares how the people vote? What matters is wh COUNTS the votes.’

  50. Joe Wenzel says:


    I concur that the numbers are legit, but what really bothers me is why the government focuses on U3 instead of U6. I think if the government and the public really understood the U6 is more revealing, there would be less debate about numbers that are based on surveys of a small portion of the US.

  51. Sergio Arias says:

    I live in a possesion of the US and we have no right to vote for president. Hell, we do not even have representation in Congress so I am not biased by any party winnig or losing.

    As a scientist, I believe in “cause and effect”.

    There are no effects without causes. Someone once said somenthing like: “Nothing happens, it had to be planned.”

    Besides, my experience tells me that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

    I know, all my “evidence” is circumstancial, but I never liked “coincidences”.

  52. John Parken says:

    I have one for ALL of you — WHO HAS EVER BEEN CALLED BY THE BLS TO SEE WHO IS WORKING IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD? I’ve been in the workforce since 1968, and NO ONE from the BLS has ever called me or anyone I know or have known. Has that for some “statistics”??

  53. mark nowth says:

    Currency consolidation is real. Mr. Thorenson’s quote from Paul Warburg is correct. We are on our way. You can’t fight it, not successfully. Give in. Seriously. Resistance really is futile. The currency consolidation is evidence that the laws/treaties supporting the foundation of the “New World Order” are long established. We might not have enough time to get around to actually implementing one world currency before Jehovah stops it all, but it is in process. One key event before that will be the world wide estopping of all religion (because it obstructs peace). The stage for this event is being set by all nations especially thru the U.N.. Jehovah does not merely allow this, rather He will cause the nations to get rid of religion. It will be good riddance.

    See you in the funny papers.

  54. dave says:

    There is little doubt in my mind that the unemployment #s that came out on the 5th were bogus!! The bls(bureau labor statistics) where those #s are hatched is run by liberals that are direct donars to the ovomit campaign!! One would have to be pretty nieve to pass this off as a coincidence! Further proof comes when you break the #s down and you see that the gdp would need to be up near 4% to produce a reduction of that size. That along with a non farm # north of 300k jobs!!! It aint happenin!!!

  55. debra says:

    well well well,whats all this todo about who has a job and who doesnt.everyone should know by now the government knows very l ittle about could they possibly make any kind of report or statistics on who got a job -who left a job -whose workingoff the grid -who doesnt want ajobor who wasnt included in this stastistic ,the list could go on and on.I pesonally think it s not plausale to get any thing accurate out of this mess

  56. Doug Flynn says:

    Romney should use the following example when explaining the
    un-reliability of the unemployment rate percent number: If you had
    a labor workforce of 1,000 people and 100 of them were unemployed, the unemployment rate would be 10%. If those 100
    people gave up looking for a job and left the workforce, then the
    unemployment rate would drop to 0. Sounds like a pretty good
    improvement until you realize that the huge drop in unemployment
    was achieved without adding a single job.

  57. Lamar says:

    Jack Welch was on Chris Matthew’s show saying the numbers don’t add up. Chris M. was all upset . . . but he’s not honest anyway so who cares what he says. I don’t watch the show but have before, I saw this on a news site. And maybe Obama didn’t appoint a BLS Commissioner for a reason. Somebody is calling the shots. These parasites are known for using the media and putting political pressure on anybody that disagrees with them or will not do what they want. They are anti-freedom !

    I just read a story today on about Wayne Allyn Root who is a former classmate of Obama’s and was the 2008 Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nominee. He’s an outspoken political commentator. He recently announced that he’s joining the Republican party and supporting Mitt Romney for president. Now he’s on President Barack Obama’s enemies list and is now alleging that the president is targeting him and using the Intenal Revenue Service to do it. In Jan. 2011 Root, who claims he has a 30 yr. record of perfect tax payments was hit by a surprise audit. At the time he claims to have received a call from an IRS agent (normally they send you a letter) who said that he is a fan of Root and that and that it would be “an honor” to audit him, sentiments that Root says “struck him as odd”. The agent also told Root that he has read his political columns, listened to him on radio, visited his web site, and that he agree with his politics.

    Root said he found it strange, actually chilling, that it didn’t feel right and that he got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Who could blame him? In a recent interview Root told WND ” Why would an IRS agent say such personal things? Why would he disclose that he’s a fan of mine and agrees with my politics? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?”

    Three months ago the ordeal came to a close, with a tax court finding that Root owed no monies in his past filings. Just when he thought the situation had been resolved ( the IRS had audited his 2007 and 2008 filings) something else happened. He was hit with a new IRS investigation just 5 days after the last one ended. In the new audit, the IRS began exploring his 2009 and 2010 filings. The closeness of the two audits is something that Root’s lawyer claims to have never seen or heard of before.

    In August Root mad allegations about Obama”s student records — claims that were widely viewed across the media world and blogosphere. In his commentary, he called on Obama to release his college records and contended that the president was hiding something that his Columbia documentation would expose. He’s calling for Congress to investigate to ensure that the Obama administration is operating within it’s bounds because he said that order had to come from the top levels of government. Citing his wife and four children, he lamented what he sees as a top-down, government-led “witch hunt.”

    Root says he is not mad at the IRS, he says there are a lot of hard-working people there who are trying to do their jobs. The agent questioned portion after portion of Roots tax records during the 18-month ordeal. Then, Root claims his accountant was flagged for his own IRS investigation.

    There’s more to the story if anyone wants to read it at

    I am not a democrat or republican . . . I am a defender of honesty . . . . the chips fall where they may. I can’t be either one and be honest. It’s up to all conscious beings to confront dishonesty where ever they find it , especially the media. That’s why I love cyberspace . . . dishonesty is exposed here and locked in the archives forever! All the corrupted souls, all the criminal minds, the parasites, cannot survive in cyberspace, they either come clean and redeem themselves and compete for their existence (something they avoid like the plague) or they disintegrate into nothingness to be laughed out of existence forever. They have corrupted their souls. They are not real, like anti-matter when it meets real matter, and is puffed away . . . . disintegrated. Honesty and Natural Law rule the Universe and existence . . . . Honesty and Justice always prevail, no matter how long it takes.

  58. Donald Gustavson says:

    Anyone hoping Obama can right the ship with more time using the same economic plan ( Keyesian Economics) will be disappointed if history is an indicator. It has never worked. Reaganomics ” trickle down was enough to take down the Great Soviet Union without firing a single shot. They said “No Mas” as they could not compete with us. As I remember people rushed from East to West Germany, not the other way around. Woodrow Wilson left office in disgrace for causing a depression which was quickly righted by Conservative Warren Harding. Reagan cleaned up the mess left by Jimmy Carter.The current government in SPAIN ( Green Socialist) has driven their economy into the TOILET racing Greece to the sewer. SPAIN’s preceeding administration was CONSERVATIVE and left a strong economy to the LEFTY’s. Simultaniously, CANADA has been transformed from a weak economy under the EUROSOCIALIST’s to a vibrant economy under CONSERVATIVE Harper. CANADA boasts a great banking system ( 5 of the top 10 banks in the world are CANADIAN banks) . The LOUIE trades positive to the US DOLLAR for the first tiome in like 40 years! WOW! The CANADIANS are @ the forefront of the world economically.You want good investments, look to CANADA!
    We have a templet in front of us as to what works CONSERVATIVE and what doesn’t work COLLECTIVISM> WAKE UP!

  59. Marc Prinz says:

    VXX … Inverse? At your suggestion, I bought a few thousand shares at
    its low recently. But a strange thing happened on the way to the forum.

    When the S&P was DOWN…so was the VXX …?? Today is the 2nd time I’ve experienced this… S&P is Down and the VXX is off .44 cents.

    By comparison, the S&P inverse (SDS) is UP .37… Can you please
    explain this? Looks completely WHACKO to me…and if investing, what
    is one to expect?

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