Who Says Money Can’t Buy You Love? Not the Banksters

32 | By Shah Gilani

Remember Tim Pawlenty, the former two-time Governor of Minnesota?

Remember when he made a bid for the Presidency this go-round, but bowed out after a poor showing in Iowa?

Remember that during his brief run he acted like he was a Wall Street critic, admonishing the Street to “get its snout out of the trough?” Remember that?

Remember that T.P. became national co-chair of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s run for the roses?

Do you remember that T.P. was a top contender for the V.P. slot that eventually went to Paul Ryan?

Don’t worry if you don’t remember any of that stuff about T.P. because none of his past politics matter (he’s a Republican don’t you know?) now that he has a new job.

Oh yeah, with less than 45 days before his buddy Mitt faces off against a resurgent incumbent named Obama – you  probably don’t remember because it just happened a few days ago – T.P. quit the campaign for a new gig.

You can’t blame him. Everybody loves money, and the lure of a reportedly near $2 million salary is mighty enticing. So he took the job.

Guess what he’s up to now?

Tim Pawlenty will be the new CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable.

Remember what they do? They’re about a 100-strong gang of mega banks, insurance juggernauts and other “financial services” super novas that just want a little love down in Washington.

The Roundtable, don’t you know, is the place where they pound their fists and wage their wars against the regulatory machinery that’s mucking up the wheels of our economy and preventing all those poor unemployed folks out there from getting jobs that the Knights of the Roundtable would finance as they crusade across America, sprinkling credit dust wherever financing is needed for buying something, anything.

And obviously, they’re willing to pay for that love by loving a guy who can claim he’s been for Wall Street cleaning up its dirty act. What a great cover.

What a great American.

Speaking of great Americans who are all about protecting us from the ravages of a Street rampage, Scott Brown, remember him? He’s the Republican Senator from Massachusetts who is proud of the fact that he says he cast the deciding vote to pass Wall Street’s worst nightmare, the Dodd-Frank Act. He’s helping himself – and us – again.

Scotty Brownose has quietly, behind the scenes, through his staff, been lobbying the Treasury and the Federal Reserve about easing up on the still-being-written Volcker Rule.

Brownose has constituents in Boston, don’t you know, and they are some pretty heavy-hitting financial services types. They aren’t friends of the Volcker Rule, which might restrict them from playing the markets with customers’ funds for the benefit of their bonus pools.

Just another great American.

What I love is how everyone thinks that there’s no compromise in politics, when there is apparently nothing but compromise.

As long as we the people and our futures are compromised by the politicians that lead us like Knights of Darkness, we will eventually get out of the mess we’re in and see the dawning of a new day. A day where there’s nothing but love and credit for everyone who can be bought and sold. Just like the American Dream.

32 Responses to Who Says Money Can’t Buy You Love? Not the Banksters

  1. Roger Charlesworth says:

    Shah……we hear you loud and clear………….and thanks for telling us, but since now KNOW that anyone with power will abuse it and use it for themselves, what can be done? I think the examples of troughism you enumerate will soon lead to information apathy. Personally, I cannot see any solution other than a benign military dictatorship, since the power brokers are all bought and paid for. Bring back Oliver Cromwell, or his US-equivalent.

  2. Edouard D'Orange says:

    As bad as these two guys are, and they are hypocrites to be sure, the other side has been cozy with all their special interests. Do you think that Elizabeth Warren (of the “I am a Native American” and Scott Brown’s opponent in the Massachusett Senate race) is anything but a shill for the environmentalists, corrupt unions and Obama apologists/ supporters who brought us the stimulus, Solyndras, Dodd-Frank, etc.?


    I agree with your comments. It’s a tweedeldie and tweedeldum governenment. Neither side is prepared to offended the Banksters that the American Taxpayer had to bail out. While the Middle Class gets vaporized, the rich get richer and richer. We need a third party not beholden to the rich guy. The Tea Party is another kind of dirty joke. Do you remember what Bernie Madoff’s Trustee in Bankruptcy did. He Clawed back as much of the ill gotten loot as he could that some investors received from Madoff. I ask you naively, Why didn’t the Obama Administration do the same from the Wall Street moguls who got huge bonuses and ,ade huge profits for the selling of poisonous garbage to unsuspecting investors? Do I have to answer that question? Both parties are populated with treacherous self seeking vermin.
    We the middle class who someone is out to destroy better wake up quickly!

  4. H. Craig Bradley says:

    Don’t worry about Wall Street or T.P.

    Instead, I would be more concerned with what is going on in the Middle East. Why? Well for one thing, the aim of Muslim Extremists like the President of Egypt ( Muslim Brotherhood) is to eliminate Israel, and therefore, Israel’s former best friend, the United States. Let me make a prediction: Americans will eventually become willing subjects of Islam. Sound extreme? The President of Egypt (you know, what’s his nameadi), recently said on the television news: ” The U.S. government better censor its citizens not to speak ill of Muhammad or there will be more (embassy) riots”.

    So, we have three possible choices going forward: Make money as fast as possible on Wall Street and get out ( the “Get Mine” option), close ALL our embassies in the Middle East, or become subject to the Islamic Run Governments over there in respect to our individual speech. Which do you think we are choosing? Believe me, you may wish it were T.P.

    • H. Craig Bradley says:

      “JACK Muslim”

      Remember, Islamic Law f(Koran) forbids “usery”. Perhaps this would be the way to deal with the “Volker Rule” and all the unnecessary credit that is mucking things up, as you say. Imagine, a Muslim President. Oh, I forgot again, we may already have one.

  5. Mike O says:

    The duplicity of our politicians is mind boggling. The idea that the average voter has control over our government is becoming increasingly absurd and Mr.Gilani seems to be flagging it with increasing frequency. There ought to be no doubt “we’ve got the best government money can buy.” Thanks Shah for the public service.

  6. Harris S says:

    Don’t be so hard on these poor victims of the system. While they truly feel that we must resist the evil ways perhaps they can best do it from the inside. Want a bridge?

  7. A.J. says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing this out. I live in MA and have been impressed with Brown’s PR campaign during his tenure. But my gut has told me all along that he must be doing the dirty with some Money Players to have thrown together the machine he’s got going so quickly and so nicely. This issue draws a clear distinction between between Brown and his opponent (Warren), who is a hard-core academic activist progressive. I may not like her politics in some areas, but it seems clear to me that she has had a correct and aggressive criticism of the banksters for a long time.

  8. Paul Knutson says:

    Thanks Shah. Just another good example of the “legal corruption” that continues to suppress the betterment of the States and it’s people, let alone the rest of the world, for the financial and political benefit of a few insiders.
    Unfortunately, I see no change on the horizon.

  9. Bill McKinney says:

    You sound a little bitter. I agree the cover needs to pulled back and we need to extinguish the roaches. I do not think that these “institutions” should let the beltway bandits run tire tracks over them though. Where is the balance?

  10. John Parken says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the ONLY way to stop this is to limit the amount of money flowing into Washington. The lobbyists have to be limited in the amount of money they can donate to any candiddate (how about $100?? Sounds about right?). Maybe then, our “representatives in Copngress will start listening to us, you know, thier “constituents”, the ones that actually VOTE fore them!!! As long as there is influence to buy with money, we the people will take it on the chin every time. It’s time we send a message to Washington that the gravy train is over. Maybe we should pass our own laws and mandate that every dollar received from a lobbyist is “taxed” at 99%! Or if you file a tax return and it shows that while in office, you became a millionaire, you go directly to jail! Mark these words — if something doesn’t change soon, there will be blood on the streets of Washington, DC.

  11. Ed the Grocer says:

    I keep asking the question. Do any of these rich and think they are rich people understand that it could easily go all to pieces. Do they understand how intricate the supply chains are? Do they think that the uniform at the gate will protect the house if his family has no food? Where do they think that they can run to that will not be influenced by the mess? The thing that bothers me is that every time I get a chance to ask senior politicians well crafted questions, all I get is wrong answers or twenty years out of date answers. Are they all that stupid? Thank goodness me and mine are way hell an gone in the bush.

  12. Stuart Cowan says:

    Sharp article, Shah . . . thank you. It saddens me to see this great country in thrall to money in so many ways, both subtle and blatant. As a partial solution, I would advocate: 1) a constitutional amendment to stop the flood of special interest money unleashed by Citizens United; 2) return to the principle of separation of commercial and investment banking (amend Dodd-Frank?); 3) imposition of term limits on both senators and representatives to alleviate the pressures of continually filling their campaign treasure chests.

  13. Tom Vito says:

    Start to take back our country by voting out all incumbents. Pressure Congress & the President to bring back Glass Steagall which worked for decades.Stop appointing Treasury Secreatarys& Economic advisors from Wall Street firms.. We have the power of the vote,we can,t be this dumb. We reap what we sow. VOTE THEM OUT

  14. Steve says:

    We cannot change this country for the better until a critical mass of unity is achieved. Critical mass only occurs just prior to outright revolt.

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