Investor Advocate Steve Pomeranz Talks to Shah

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Steve Pomeranz interviewed Shah this week.

Steve hosts the “On the Money!” radio show that broadcast to stations around the country, and he is a renowned financial advisor and investor advocate based in southeast Florida. He is also a subscriber to Wall Street Insights & Indictments.

You can listen to the recording of their 12-minute chat right here.

Together Shah and Steve discuss the “extend and pretend” game being played in Europe, as well as the reasons the financial industry is the ultimate liar’s club. Shah also spells out what CEO Mark Zuckerberg could do to make Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB) a “fantastic” stock.

“On the Money!” is a weekly show whose stated purpose is “to protect you from self-serving forces within the financial services industry.” (No wonder they like Shah!) You can learn more at the show’s website.

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  1. H. Craig Bradley says:


    All politicans are “chicken” to tackle difficult financial and fiscal problems at home and abroad. For example, look at our Senate back in 2008 when it passed a huge bank stimulus bill. Contrary to public perceptions, there are no real “mavericks” in the U.S. Senate. Its quite simple: they all (100) are in or they all are out.

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