A Narrowing Funnel

68 | By Shah Gilani

We’re getting closer. To what, I’m not sure.

But we’re getting there.

Call it a crossroads. On the charts I look at, that crossroads looks like a pivot point.

The charts I follow and draw all kinds of lines across – and I’m talking about a lot of different charts that cover a lot of markets – are very, very similar in terms of exhibiting formations that show them coming to a point where we’re going to see either see breakouts or breakdowns.

Probably within a few weeks, but it could be any moment.

It’s fascinating, and it’s also scary. I’ve never seen so many different markets, asset classes, and instruments so correlated in terms of all heading to their own crossroads at very close to the same time.

Let me put it this way… If we had truly free markets, meaning no Viagra for limp politicians, no QE-er Fed interference, no LTR-ought-O trillion-euro giveaway in Europe, and no Commune-command and control of China’s economy, we’d get to these crossroads, and cross them one way or another, but at least we’d be somewhere honest.

But today markets are so mucked-up by political “push-me pull-ya” policies, the true fate that awaits us may be masked a good bit longer.

The Fed meets this week (aren’t they always meeting?), and we’ll all be glued to what words come out in their collective (which includes dissenting) voices.

Last time the market didn’t hear what it was longing for – more of that QE-sugar and spice that has been oh-so-nice – it summarily sank. Some of the crossroads we’re at may get dusted-up, depending on what the boys of stimulus say is ahead this summer.

Meanwhile, the Fed’s sorority sister, the ECBecause they can, will at some point come to their own crossroads. And they’ll have to say, we’re taking a break for a few weeks, or because they can, and likely will, shower Europe’s banks with more LTROh-so much free money.

Good old Spain is the new canary in the coalmine. Sure they sold a bunch of bonds last week, and their 10-year yield was around 5.74%, but by Friday it was knock, knock, knocking at 6%’s door again.

Delinquent loans at Spain’s banks are rising. Property prices fell another 3% last month. Unemployment is staggering and the country is reeling.

Will Spain be the straw that breaks all the charts’ backs?

France too is at a crossroads. By this evening, or tomorrow morning for you early-to-bed types, we’ll have a good idea whether St. Nick Sarkozy has a shot of being a two-term president, or whether his future will be on “Dancing With the Stars” (with his wife, of course).

If his principal challenger (although there are 10 candidates vying to lead France), Socialist Francois Hollande, gets ahead of St. Nick (there will be a runoff May 6 if no-one gets 50% of the vote, and no-one will), there could be fireworks across Europe.

Did I say we’re nearing a crossroads?

You know we’re approaching May, don’t you? And you know that old adage: “Go away in May,” which refers to setting aside your upside ambitions for the market and just going to the beach until September, well, that too is a signpost at the crossroads.

We’re getting shoved into a narrowing funnel.

Of course I try and let the charts speak to me, but I can’t help sometimes thinking the voice in my head is them whispering to me.

The charts are saying we’re almost at the crossroads; they’re not saying anything else.

I’m saying I’m not optimistic. But I have been wrong before. I can’t remember when, but I’m sure some of you will remember. And I hope I’m wrong and the fork in the road is for filet mignon.

Just be alert.

Oh yeah, and speaking of “alert”…

How About This for Sick?

How about finding out that since, oh maybe the 1960s, a lot (maybe one-fifth to one-third) of all cancer research has been predicated on the wrong inputs.

Did you hear about that? I’m amazed it hasn’t gotten more attention. Maybe it’s because it’s so insane and frightening that no-one wants to talk about what it really means.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal last week, it seems that a lot of the cancer research that’s been done in the last 50 years was done on cancer cells that weren’t what they were thought to be, because they were mislabeled.

In other words, research, years worth, has been done on, say, breast cancer, or pancreatic cancer, or lung cancer, and drugs were made based on all of this research.

And then we find out… Oh, that cancer I have in my lab, the one that came from someone with breast cancer, those cancer cells that we’re testing and working on to understand how they act and react to drugs and treatment protocols, well, it turns out… they weren’t breast cancer cells. They were some other kind of cancer cells.

Seriously, how flippin’ stupid is that? How is it possible that for so many years so much research has been done that we now know (well, we really don’t know because we’ll never be told the whole truth, EVER) was all wrong.

It’s impossible to calculate how many lives have been lost, how much time has been wasted, and how much money has been flushed down the drain.

I’m sick. But I have hope that all that research didn’t go to waste. Maybe the stuff that causes cancer doesn’t really cause cancer. Maybe cancer is caused by bad research.

Think of it: Maybe scientists have been researching the wrong stuff. Instead of trying to cure cancer, maybe they should try and cure stupidity… their own!

68 Responses to A Narrowing Funnel

  1. doc says:

    Isn’t that wonderful??(NOT)Having had cancer and am now “cured by the grace of God”,;this begs the question of how much research monies has been mal-used?More importantly,will the responsible parties EVER be called to task for this horrendous mis-approbation of this money and all the deaths that could have been avoided???

  2. felix says:

    I read LOTS of newsletters some on medicine and some natural and I’ve
    thought all along about what you’ve said, seems that someone should have
    come up with the answer by now. The researchers search and the alternative side guys say they’ve already got the answer, who to believe. Seeing research and big pharma are holding hands I tend to believe natural. Just
    read that giving older [80’s+] people CHEMO is bad and it will probably kill them
    anyway. A friend just last week was given CHEMO and guess what? Yep, another Dr wanting a Chemo fee and my friend died! Goes back to everything is about money, sad.

    • P says:

      The cure for cancer and many many other diseases is and has been available for years, and it costs practically NOTHING….. food grade h2o2 (hydrogen dioxide (peroxide)) but big pharma has and continues to do everything in their power to keep the word from getting out because it will destroy their multi billion dollar money stream.
      Look it up and try it…. when you read about it and how it works… it makes perfect sense! Google it… food grade H2O2.

    • Don Wentz says:

      I also love your writing style and your additions to the abbreviations.

      I am a cancer survivor and also one who got the chemo treatment.

      So far so good, but chemo is tough on a body and I’d hate to think I took it for knot.

    • pesca pete says:

      agree about chemo treatment i would rather die quicker and “cleaner” .living longer does not mean healthier.

  3. L. R. Schroeder, M.D. says:

    Shah, I thoroughly enjoy your market insights and commentary, but was brought up short by this reference to a WSJ article with serious allegations about cancer research. I worked in leukemia research at NIH years ago, and know the care with which scientific research is usually conducted. Not all of us read the WSJ, so perhaps you should provide at least a partial reprint of the article before telling us your criticism. Perhaps it (and you) are correct, but data is necessary to arrive at sound opinions.

    • Fred Stork says:

      Dr. Schroeder, since I assume you are not kidding, i must suppose you have turned a blind eye to what’s happening in cancer “cure” industry. First, a few general stats — in US, 125,000 people are killed every year by PROPERLY administered drugs. Another 220,000 by medical errors. These are US government stats, and JAMA admits the medical errors are most likely grossly under reported, as hospitals fear rising insurance costs, liability, and loss of reputation.
      In oncology, if you want facts, follow the money. Every successful cancer treatment has been banned, persecuted, DR.s administering it had their license removed and many left country to practice in Italy, Switzerland and other countries where EFFECTIVE CURE OF PATIENT IS PERMITTED.
      Hundreds of billions the big pharma earns on useless chemotherapy, are hard to give up.
      Find the statistical evaluations by world’s top institutions, which report. time and time again, that chemotherapy DOESN’T PROLONG LIFE. Yet it’s forced on every victim they can find. They also prescribe LONG TERM treatments to patients known to die in only a few days or weeks.
      Dr. Wartburg got a Nobel Prize for proving cancer feeds on sugar (1931, I think), but no oncologist will put patients on sugar/starch free diet.
      ACS, American Cancer Society, refuses to endorse any effective cancer treatment, and Susan Komen pockets countless millions in donations, giving about 1% to research.
      Many thousands of American women have their healthy breasts butchered on false positives from mammograms, yet they are still promoted, although it’s known they actually increase risk of cancer.
      The latest effective cancer cure, “too simple to believe it could work”, is IV vit C.
      It was quickly nipped in the butt by FDA, which declared VIt C administered IV is a DRUG, which is NOT approved for such use.
      There is a Dr. (I don’t have his name ready here), doing lectures to other MDs about alternative medicine, he has 100 bucks in his pocket at lectures, and asks MDs in the audience “anyone who will name ONE drug that cures disease will have this 100 bucks” NOBODY named one yet.
      I am sure you know the debacle of PPIs, which make users worse so they have to keep taking them. Osteoporosis drugs that make pelvic bones crumble (my next door neighbor was killed by them), list goes on and on.
      If you want the facts, (I am not asking you to believe me) a good start is, again I am not asking you to believe Dr Mercola, but his articles have references at the end, so it’s a good short cut.
      Canadian universities also do lot of statistical and other evaluations, and publish negative reports, as they are not bribed by big pharma like many US institutions.
      Few in US, like Cochrane labs, etc. are big enough not to fear the corrupt powers of big pharma.
      Most media is completely at their mercy, as they are major advertisers (along with junk food), and they make it clear they will not tolerate any negative news reports about them, lest they pull their accounts.
      Don’t believe me, the facts are out there, at your finger tips, it’s the power of internet, while it’s still free. GB publishes a lot of impartial research as well.

  4. jrj90620 says:

    Kind of a chicken and egg thing.What came first,people wanting and expecting “something for nothing” from govt or politicians promising something for nothing,to get votes?Either way,it’s a trap we don’t seem to be able to get out of.Personal responsibility is out and blaming others is in.

  5. Pete Hunter says:


    I love your style of writing. It is so refreshing. It gives you enormous credibility. It separates you from the typical investment letter writer. I read your stuff and I say, hey he is one of us……. A guy slugging it out day by day, trying hard to stay true to his principles despite being shoved into compromise by those willing to compromise their principles for the expediency of the moment.

    Pete Hunter

    • Fred Stork says:

      gee I must be a big politician, i use Turbo Tax too.
      JUST KIDDING, I agree 110% !!! 100 thumbs up, if there were any on this site.

  6. EC says:

    I have felt for sometime that more people are living off cancer than dying from it. The economic magnitude associated with cancer research and treatment may dwarf the terminal economic illness associated with student loans which too has avoided a cure- intentionally or inadvertently! Thanks Shah for keeping the spotlight focused.

  7. Hans Sortti says:

    Gilani is very refreshing to read. He acutally speaks to us in simple to understand language. I always like to see his opinions.

  8. Gul says:

    A year and 4 months back my wife passed away from the effects of Cancer and subsequent Chemo. The treatment did not prevent the cancer from attacking the liver. Recently we all filed our tax returns — to me the whole 17000 + page Tax Code imposes a cruel and unusual punishment upon average taxpayers (Did someone say violation of the Eighth Amendment?).

    How are these two related? Its the “Culture of Corruption” in Washington DC. Michelle Malkin has written a book on this. People like Obama, Buffet and all Washington Bigs get their Tax returns done by others (CPA’s, Turbo Tax) etc and even then they cheat (Turbo Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner). At the same time they give grants to their political and academic chronies for research and pet projects (Solyndra and Half a Billion Dollars come to mind). I hope you get the picture; we need to clean up DC (District of Corruption)

  9. Satyendra Dave says:

    Just wanted to complement you for very refreshing and honest writing.
    Yes, I too feel the same way with the current situation.

  10. Marcel Thevoz says:

    Synchronicity at work…that is, your comments on crossroads points both in the two apparently far way worlds: financial health …….

    In the financial area, we all believed that politic and economic factors are
    at the rootcause of what markets will be doing…wrong…
    proof ? study the new science of socionomics…the cause of human behaviour is to be found in social mood swings…

    in healthcare, all traditional cancer therapies are based on ways to
    kill cancer cells…this is the reason with have no sure cure on hand…
    … you come up with this stunning revelation that it was all based on
    the wrong cell analysis…. what if we would reverse
    our belief and work on the concept that drugs do not heal …what does ?
    the immune system… so the solution is simple, help the immune system
    to do the job it was intended to do….to know more about that, Google
    Jim Humble who discovered MMS..

    my gratitude to bringing the key crossroad question to the forefront NOW

  11. Dan Moran says:

    Shah —
    Your commentary is now the only one that I read consistently (as opposed to the 40 or 50 that I am exposed to). You are refreshing to read and because we are in the same ballroom, maybe we are dancing to the same tune. Market wise, I hope that you (we) are correct; if so, ‘could be worth a few cases of Champagne. Keep on keeping on!

  12. Carlie Parke says:

    Check out this site. I have been researching everything alternative. I am so sick of the medical community and I’ve worked in it and taught in it for 40 years as a Registered Nurse. They can’t even read Cat Scans and MRI’s right. Don’t trust anything they tell you, mostly because they have all been brain washed by the pharmaceutial companies, who pay for their “education” and “research”

  13. Frances Poole says:

    About Cancer research. Just think of how much profit would be lost if they found a cure for cancer. All those grants not given, all those medications not needed. How could researchers and big pharma survive? And by the way, there is most likely already a cure for cancer, but has been suppressed for many years for this very reason. Cancer is big business after all. It’s all about the money.

  14. Marat says:

    Dear Shah,

    Thank you for the article about cancer!

    There are GREAT BOOKS on the subject of CANCER, maybe it will save someones life (and money too):

    “KNOCKOUT interviews with Doctors who are CURING CANCER and how to prevent getting it in the first place” written by Suzanne Somers

    “Cancer-Free:Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing” written by Bill Henderson

    I am biochemist by education, though in small business with natural products.

  15. injun says:

    Hi Shah,

    Yes, the all important cancer research. The 50 mile walks. The 100 mile bike rides. The ever elusive cure is always just around the corner if you just send in another $50.00 or what ever you can afford. Help us help you! Send today.
    It sounds like a broken Oral Roberts commercial. All this research is nothing but money and blood money at that. The answer? Chemo. The second opinion? More chemo! It is a cruel game they are playing and one that makes stock manipulation look like a babies game.

  16. Richard Martin says:

    I had two wives die of cancer. My first wife accepted chemo (on the advice of a doctor) and took it until they couldn’t give it to her because her blood-count was too low. My second wife was a nurse so she refused chemo because she felt it would give her another 3 months but no quality of life. Both of them died way too young.
    I raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society until I learned that the Chairman was making an obscene $350,000 a year (1996!).
    As far as I’m concerned, researchers should work on creating a vaccine to prevent cancer. That’s what was done with polio. They’ve never found a cure for polio yet it’s been virtually eradicated.

  17. Phil Hackett says:

    The Cancer Cure has been known since 1934. Go to Amazon and search ‘The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lines’. On Youtube search ‘The forgotten films of Royal Rife’. To be cured of Cancer go to http://www.ncenergyhealing.comOur naive trust in our Politicians has been abused. We are fed a diet of Propaganda. The world in which we think we live is a fairy tale. It doesn’t exist. By year end, the Euro, Pound and Dollar will be collapsed to be replaced by the Yuan. Obama has recently signed the final agreement with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union. Search Youtube for New World Order.JFK was shot because he was trying to stop it. The speech that killed him is on Youtube. Eisenhower’s last speech as President was also a warning. Time to wake up everyone.

  18. tomt says:

    Well put. Patience is the essential virtue. Recent market action seems like an attempt to keep everything steady. I expect the “coaches” are in a huddle and will come out with a creative double reverse play to head fake those expecting a head fake.

  19. Philip Evan Hope says:

    It is my thought (maybe even my prayer) that $200 a barrel oil this summer is going to shock and shake America (as it has not been shocked or shaken before). And I fervently pray ( though I am not religious) that this turn of events will be so upsetting as to force Americans to go back to what they were born of (and have done more effectively than any other nation before or since).
    That is, an innate ability of realization, recognition, innovation and creation of new workable ways of getting down to business (and getting on down the road) when its time to.
    In a stellar reworking of what we do and how we do it, it is time to get going. We in North America are so much better than this mess we are currently calling economics and economy (there is nothing economical about it). We have created an impossible mire through ‘business as usual’, ‘the status-quo’ and ‘conflicting interest’. A foolish person can and will milk a cow to death…a foolish person can and will kill the goose for the eggs.. and that’s what we have been allowing in markets for too too long.

    Good Luck everybody, I say, and prosper…but we should be prepared to pay for this new prosperity by doing what our forebears originated, (wrote the book on), an prospered for centuries upon… flexible.

    • Janet Norcott says:

      I hate to dash your prayers on higher gas prices, but the average person will react be pushing for another Gov. bailout. How about the truth about how Opec has a hugh say in the price of Oil and talking about ALL THE OIL IN ALASKA AND THE PIPELINE TO TEXAS> HOW ABOUT CALLING YOUR SENATOR AND LETTING HIM/HER KNOW YOU WANT US TO DRILL IN AMERICA< NOT EVERYWHERE ELSE. I HAVE.

  20. John says:

    Who can we believe any more? Politicians outright lie and aren’t held to account, the internet is full of total BS, everyone is out for a fast buck. We are truly in a screw thy neighbor, what’s in it for me society. The economy is tanking and everyone knows that but believes the “getting better” BS coming out of Washington. Minority correctness is totally out of hand. Stop for a fill up on the way to the grocery store if you don’t think I’m right. With 8 years military (Navy) and 27 years civilian government service I’m trying to live on a tiny (way below poverty level) fixed retirement income that hasn’t been raised in 3 years to reflect cost of living increases. My government sponsored health insurance which I pay a large % goes up more than my tiny increases. My 33+ years on the inside, watching, waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars on a daily basis baffles me that anyone would want our government with more power, more tax money to waste! Socialism, Communism, all for one collective thinking has been tried and has never worked in history so why do left wing thinking people believe it will work now?? Our country, society and way of life is going down the tubes right in front of our noses and no one seems to care enough to get off the couch! Oh yeah, if you think, God, Country, Smith&Wesson and a stash of food makes me a rightist you might be correct but don’t come knocking on my door when the dollar dies, you are cold and hungry and Obama’s freebies go away and they will. After the election all bets are off.

    • DENNIS MILLER says:

      Everyone who does still have a small piece of pie will never stand up to correct our ills in fear of losing their little piece of pie! What we need is a good dose of Ted Nugent mixed with Jeb bush [yes, Jeb Bush], and some Ross Perot!

    • Gary says:

      Don’t understand you tirade, having spent almost you entire life dining at the taxpayer’s trough and not really producing anything of value for this Country’s economy or it’s citizens

      • John says:

        Gary I wasn’t living at the taxpayers trough. All of my time is with Navy and Department of Defense (Army) helping keep people like you safe, isn’t that producing value for your way of life? Take away our military and see how fast things go south for this country! My tirade is with the big government, the out of control waste which the military is also guilty of.

      • lee says:

        YOU are a lib, aren’t you?
        You are living proof, the federal govment CANNOT do what the CITIZENS, states and PRIVATE ENTERPISE are supposed to do.

        May God have mercy on us (US).

    • Steve says:

      John, your frustrations are caused by a continuum of multi polarity separation over which you and I have no power to influence. The USSR had to break apart. The European union will soon pass, and so will the United States. Big centrally planned countries with large populations of people with numerous uncommon interests cannot stand. The Civil War barely and imperfectly reunited America with only two poles of separation.

      The United States is no longer a collection of states each with their own governments under an umbrella of unity only for common military defense. Because of central power states are no longer refuges for people of shared philosophies and economic interests to lawfully reside in a geographic space to dissociate themselves politically from other large groups with unrelated interests. Puerto Rico by avoiding statehood remains the sole exception.

      Demographics are forcing change. Custodial care for the masses is replacing opportunity driven vision. We are discarding the American notion of pursuing happiness through individual independence in favor of collective safety. The elite participate in the former while through insidious political manipulation leave the masses to seek the latter.

  21. Jack Carroll says:

    My dear wife died of pancreatic cancer 18 months ago at a relatively young age. The chemo she received was completely useless in my opinion. There are so called oncologists in hospitals all over the western world today walking around chemo clinics having polite conversations with their patients knowing that they are talking to the walking dead, and receiving huge fees for it, not to mention the huge cost of the completely useless chemotherapy drugs. Its not only sad, its outrageous. I know its easy to blame big pharma, the medical profession and the FDA but who else can you point to?

  22. ROBERT says:

    All researchers make mistakes. The difference between bad researchers and good ones is that the good ones admit the mistake and expend the effort to correct the results and salvage as much as possible. The bad ones just try to hide their mistakes. One hopes that most of the research can be salvaged.

  23. John Zimmerman says:


    I believe that your insights are in line with the majority of hard-working people who also see us coming to an important crossroads in our nation, communities and individually as we struggle with trying to balance our true role in a society where our leaders and elected representatives refuse to take responsibility for all of their actions. The crossroads also applies to businesses, large and small, where we see so many individuals taking advantage of the freedoms within our economy to get what’s best for them, alone ,without realizing the impact this has on our young people who learn that self-agrandizement is the road to success.

    Your voice is necessary to give us hope that we are not alone in trying to understand and choose the right road to take to preserve this nation as the last great hope for a very confused world.

  24. John Schumacher says:

    Shah ; I read your information daily,it’s great. Gives me something to go on, with a lot of truth. Not that I am smart enough to use it. I look forward to you comments. Don’t ever leave me.

  25. Kathryn says:

    I love this article by Shah, so much common sense and in such an entertaining way.
    I can certainly relate to this. Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with a very large Non small cell Adinocarcinoma in my right lung. Even after surgical removal of the upper lobe the prognosis was not good. My oncologist insisted I take chemotherapy, ” he just happened to have his own little lab next to his office with 7 or 8 people hooked up to Iv’s” . I told him no. He was pretty irate at me but I decided I would put my faith in the Great Physician.
    I prayed to God for some guidance and felt led to try Essiac Tea. I highly recommend God, the tea is very good too. Blessings to anyone else going through Cancer and their loved ones, Kathryn

  26. Oskar Steingrimsson says:

    The problem in our economy world wide is the monetary system the world is using.
    Printing money out of thin air, diluting the value of ALL the currency in existence is the problem and this will not stop until the world stops this sanity. Fiat money is no good and will never be. Our currency was ment to be a certificate of some values,(gold, silver, oil or whatever of VALUE, but now it is just DEBT. The money was ment to be a tool to make it easier to exchange values, but the value had to come first and then the money, but today the money comes first and then the value. (You are enslaved for 30-70 years to make the value you borrowed from a bank). And who is making all the profit? A private bank, printing money out of thin air, called Federal Reserve as for USA. Who is paying for this sanity? All the borrowers and taxpayers, you and me.

  27. Joel Whitehurst says:

    Several years ago, a local, small-town doctor here in Los Banos, California noticed that smallpox survivors never got arthritis. He developed a serum that was based on this theory which reversed and cured arthritis in many well-documented cases. When he submitted the results of his research and treatment (gratis) to the Arthritis Foundation, They rejected his gift. They immediately replied that they had hundreds of trained researchers working on a cure for arthritis, and they found it highly unlikely that a lone physician, working alone, could possibly have developed any useful treatment.
    My point is NOBODY IN MEDICINE REALLY WANTS TO CURE CANCER!!! They make too damn much money prolonging and exacerbating victrims’ suffering. If you came up with a universal cure for cancer tomorrow, you would be offed by the medical and pharmaceutical companies. Using the wrong cancer cells in research is wonderful all the way around. Everybody makes money, and nobody gets cured!!!

  28. Rob Davis says:

    Well the FED meets this week If you have the time I suggest you get your fiat while you can. Turn it into something useful as quick as you can. Myself I have been watching this happen for years before Obama came along. The markets lousy returns on less than 500,000 is the proof. Just send $39 this week only for the report……………..

  29. Robert says:

    “The Fed meets this week (aren’t they always meeting?), ”

    Yes they are. Question is, who ELECTED this group of Private Bankers to play the King and rule the world?

  30. Doug Flynn says:

    Response To “How About This For Sick”

    Back in the 1920s a German scientist concluded with absolute
    certainty that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment. It seems to
    me that if the medical industry was truly serious about developing a “cure”
    for cancer rather than just more ways to “treat” the disease then all those
    trillions of dollars would be better utilized in developing ways to alkalize the
    body so that no cancer of any type ever develops.

  31. Jerry Kim says:

    There’s always been one-third who were “dining at taxpayers’ trough”. But there used to be still more people filling in that trough, or at least, sane.
    That one-third has become one-half, or more.
    My only hope now is that even a small part of those dine at the trough are sane and sensible to participate in voting out ALL incumbents. Because they ALL are thieves & traitors.
    Too spiteful? But that’s exactly how I feel.

  32. Michael Upper says:

    Nobody knows what to do about this mess.

    Therefore, the only thing I am going to do is not vote for politicians that do not keep their campaign promises (Barack Obama included) or at least try to keep them. Let’s just keep voting them out, unless of course Mitt Romney picks Sarah Palin as a running mate.

    The fact is, neither party is any good.

  33. ray says:

    The quicker obama gets re-elected the, quicker the bottom falls out of all traditional American values both financial and ethical. Then we will see if there is any salvaging what we once had …pride and integrity! The sadist part of it all is the choice is to elect a corporate hatchet man who ties his dog on top of his car for a thousand mile journey north! Pray for us all !

  34. Bob says:

    One more thing to worry about are the Greek elections which I believe also occur in May. There is a possibility that a new Greek govt. might repudiate the onerous austerity package imposed on that country. If the stock markets fall precipitously in response to any of the dangers, Bernanke would probably panic and switch the Fed Reserve’s focus from facilitating the financing of the nation’s debt to propping up the stock markets with more counterproductive QE. The longer the wash out of all these debts are postponed the harder will be the fall.

  35. Hal McNeely says:

    Government has never been the answer to our salvation (with the caveat that it is obligated to provide for our defense in time of war).
    Every resource in the earth was put there to sustain all living things; as we have gained knowledge, we have progressed from wood, peat, coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy for our heat, food preparation and heating needs.

    Only government would embrace quasi-environmental dogma to “SAVE” us from ourselves by promoting batteries to propel something as heavy as cars and trucks.

    T. Boone Pickens and others have advocated the use of natural gas for our cars and trucks for the past several years. As recent data has revealed, we have at least a 100-year reserve, in-situ, in our country (plus Canadian reserves exceeding that, which they have offered to sell us, cheaply).

    Our government has continued to over-manipulate the economy, allow a greedy few to manipulate the stock market with impunity while amassing a debt that cann

  36. Erin van Schendel says:

    Dear Shah….Thank God for your insights and for having the courage to say what you think. Please keep up the excellent work. Sincerely, your avid reader, Erin.

  37. Benton H Marder says:

    It is hard to sum up our situation. However, these quotes may help.
    “In a world of insanity, only the insane arte truly sane.”
    “Against stupidity the gods themselves strive in vain.”
    Jesus said, “The poor ye shall always have with you.”
    What we behold are demonstrations of the truth of Barnum’s Law and the W C Fields Corollary.
    “We’re freakin’ doomed!”—the Mogambo Guru

  38. Ed the Grocer says:

    Don’t worry about the stocks or bonds. That money has already been spent and the asset exists or the employee has been paid (fed his family ). The thing that starts the real revolution is whether there is food. There are few consistent food exporters and all of them are dependent on the use of GMO seed programs. These programs are self destructing. Look at the large buyers, China, India, even Egypt. India has a chance to survive except for the water problem. Egypt, not a chance. And China, China is building over farm land at warp speed all in the name of consumerism. I think this is year three for China to be a large net importer of food. I think the real chart to watch is the American election. If the US doesn’t stop its world warfare program and redirect the FDA, then the game will be “all in”. Consider that even Russia always returned to some aspect of small farmers for food security.

    • Doris Kelsey says:

      I totally agree, food is where it’s at! We need to quit being ruled by Monsanto and Bayer. They are killing our bees and destroying our food supply, and us. Sustainable organic is the way to go and we better get there FAST!

  39. eric taylor says:

    It’s funny that the cancer subject has come up, as I have been following
    alternative protocols for curing cancer, heart disease and diabetes from
    a half dozen alternative M.D. newsletters, and several books. Tanya
    Pierce has a good overview in her
    of over a dozen natural cancer cures that are well documented, but
    don’t meet the FDA standard of being man made, so they can’t be commercialized easily. The FDA is the biggest casino in the world for
    pharmaceutical drug companies, and this is one of the many reasons
    that the United States has one of the lowest average lifespans in the world.
    I warn you not to read too much, because then you will never give away
    money to phoney cancer research charities again!!!

    • Ed the Grocer says:

      I have a program that I have been following for about five years. It is based on the premise that there is not enough basic vitamins and minerals to properly fuel/operate every cell in your body. Also there is not an even distribution of the same vitamins and minerals. Muscles get first crack and non muscle cells, except for the liver, get little or no resources as we age or eat incorrectly. Look up the Krebs cycle and check the complete list of important molecules. Note that some very critical items such as Q10, selenium, magnesium sulfate, chromium are barely mentioned but still required for correct function. It is somewhat like a bank that doesn’t lend money to the farmer. Soon, no one eats. So subtle, so deadly.
      Oh yes. You can simply call it ‘reverse aging’.

  40. Viswa Ghosh says:

    Dear Shah,
    As usual, you are so insightful and eloquent. Only in recent times I am noticing your tilt towards a non-existant “free market” and against any extra-market intervention (howsoever imperfect it may be) in the workings of the imperfect markets.

    If governments and monetary authority intervene, there is a purpose beyond swindling and cheating. When a company like Goldman Sachs manipulates the market (financial or energy) the whole and sole purpose is swindling.

    I always believed you were sanity writ large in a market society gone crazy with people like Dick Morris who rail against Keynesianism and still consider Ronald Reagan to be a non-Keynesian. I am hoping to see more sanity from you instead of pandering to the already mythological “free market”.

    Best wishes.

  41. Lee E. [Doc] Franklin says:


    Thank you for your observant and wide-ranging analysis! Why aren’t we surprised by the Drug Companies sins of both co- and omission? Mercury in baby shots………”We absolve ourselves of the epidemic of autism!” “Cancer Cures we can’t patent…………Don’t bother us!” We the People need to ensure they start doing their jobs, for a change!

    As for the Markets…………….are they on anything we should know about?
    The Markets may prefer to believe what they want to believe, rather than reality they don’t want to face. In the food Commodities, Grains are seeing some shortages, and most charts look poised to break out on top, led by soybeans. On the flip-side, Institutions dump them when they get worried about Europe, so it’s been a real tug of war. Grains also tend to follow oil higher, so if oil spikes………? But they tend to follow the Stock Market down, too………

    There’s real trouble eventually, brought on by debts impossible to service; But with all the Fed’s liquidity around, and no one wanting disaster, the Markets may elect to throw one more Grand Party………..before we’re asked to pay the bill! Is Diana Krall’s rendition of the classic Ballad prophetic, when she sensuously advises………”Let’s Face the Music………………and Dance” ?

    Take two aspirin, and call me in the morning!

  42. Leo Kerr says:

    As an outsider living in Australia I really enjoy your column Shah and some of the comments it elicits. There is so much righteousness in some – blame everything on Obama. I mean it seems to me that the President is a mere symbolic instrument these days with no real power and from a distance – it also seems the whole place has fallen into a state of corruption – the demise of the empire.

    All empires disintegrate at some stage and it would seem now it’s America’s turn. History would indicate the fall from grace typically comes when corruption, a loss of direction and the misuse of military power culminate in downfall. The signs are everywhere – it is not the end of the world – just a transition for your country. The moral high ground that the US sees itself champion of has long been lost – that happened when the your country sided with the dictators of the world for reasons of self interest (he may be a bastard but he’s our bastard!).

    America has the highest incarceration rate in the world (land of the free), spends more on “defense” than the combined budgets of whole of the rest of the world and has dragged its allies (forced should I say) to engage in the quagmires of war in asia, the middle east, and the sub-continent – has removed democratically elected leaders (with fingerprints of assassination in some cases), endorsed policies of torture and continues to support regimes that abuse human rights. The US is responsible for more deaths of innocents than all the terrorist organisations we’ve witnessed over the past 50 years.

    The political system is corrupt (together with the banking and financial systems), the stock market is rigged and manipulated. Science has been side lined by the religious right and the greatest threat to our species, human induced accelerated climate change, has been decried as heresy by vested interest.

    Please don’t think I’m a radical – I’ve served in the military in the UK, admired the idea of American idealism, respect the formidable fortitude of the American people and been dazzled by the hospitality I’ve been shown when visiting. On my last visit however things kinda soured with the Iris scan, fingerprinting and hostility I encountered when entering your country so much so that I swore never to return. It seems a climate of fear has been used to manipulate the population and that racketeers (big business) have taken over all the instruments of power. It was the sort of welcome I would have expected on a visit to the USSR before the fall of that particular empire.

    The bottom line is perhaps your country needs a revolution to rekindle the beacon that once shone from its shore as a land of opportunity and freedom. That light has dimmed in the darkness of greed and corruption.

    • htd947 says:

      Leo, you are absolutely correct, and very well stated. We either need a revolution or to step out of the way, so other, more principled countries can make their marks. Who this would be, though, I’ve not a clue. Corruption, ignorance, fear, hatred and denial of reality seems to have taken over the whole world. When we will staunch the fatal wound that keeps us all in vertigo over the future – overpopulation? Some have tried and failed. If we can not succeed at this task, Mother Nature has a way all her own…



  44. christian marteau says:

    I just like to inform you , dear Shah , that the situation in FRANCE my Dear country is very uncertain
    after the first round of the elections .But let me confirm to the world that if ” F. Hollande “is the next
    President of France it will be Catastrophic for France and Dear Europe , because Hollande is the worst IDIOT of the French (heavy) HISTORY ! He is 200% stupid, a true “Son of a bitch ” as you said and he do not Love the free entreprise system, the Markets ,He is a real “Socialist/Communist” ……
    and on top of the cake he hate the French specialy people like me… is very strange ?
    The great ” very Bad ” time is coming for France SO please let’s pray for Saint Nick the only one
    who can save FRANCE ! AMEN , God bless France , Europe and …..AMERICA ! AMEN .

  45. fallingman says:

    Wait a minute. You mean we aren’t winning the war on cancer?

    Oh yeah, that was a government-sponsored war on a noun. They love those. They’re endless and allow the government insiders to funnel the money of the gullible to their cronies who purport to be “very near a cure.”

    What a crock. 40 years since DICK Nixon cranked it up and we’re still fighting and will be as long as the suckers in this game keep allowing the Powerz to steal their money

    The whole thing’s a gigantic fraud, just like the markets, and the media, and “education,” the war on drugs, and the war on terror.

    “War is the health of the state”. That’s why our rulers start so many…and “win” none.

    Trust in the government and die.

    And they don’t care if you die.

  46. mat says:


    In my Ethnic Community,
    we pride ourselves with having Age Old Traditional Healings
    based upon Natural herbs and plants abundantly found in our tropical Jungles.

    Whenever i find out that there are very sick people around me who’ve been
    seeking and getting treatments from the (modern) medical hospitals but can’t be effectively cured,
    i would personally explain and recommend to them of the above Traditional Heritage of ours that
    have been So Neglected due to the swift Modernization throughout the whole country.

    i’m of a (mixed) MALAY and Java Ethnicity/Origin living in Singapore since my birth.
    i have friends and relatives in MALAYSIA who are Genuine Experts in the afore-mentioned
    field. No doubt they are a very rare group of individuals who are ‘dutifully’ and selflessly devoted
    to keeping this Heritage Treasure alive and well, thus avoiding from its Extiction!

    Basically it is the Equivalent to the Famous “Traditional Chinese Medicine” if not arguably Better!
    It’s like comparing the ‘Bruce Lee made famous’ Kung Fu to the currently Meteoric rise of the Exotic, Mysterious
    and Devastatingly Deadly and Powerful “Pencak SILAT” in the Martial Arts WORLD..

    Through my personal experiences, i’ve seen or know of so many ‘patients’ being cured of various forms of CANCER
    as well as Other types of Serious illnesses that the (Overly) highly esteemed Modern Medical
    Hospital/Pharmaceutical Corporations currently are Struggling to find effective cures for.

    CANCER, Kidney Problems, Diabetes, Ghouts, Asthma/Bronchitis, ‘Sexual Organs Complicacies’, Rare skin-related diseases etc are some of the many other sickness that can be cured throughour Natural Traditional Medicines.

    The TOP Expert which i’ve been fortunate enough to be acquainted with, has even managed to cure HIV AIDS Patients since several years ago! i’ve the Incredibly Good Fortune/Privilege of Holding This Elusive ‘Secret’ (to Ensure from it being MISUSED/EXPLOITED COMMERCIALLY and INDISCRIMINATELY) Cure for HIV AIDS in my Hands; GOD ALMIGHTY! ..

    In general, we just need to Simply Boil the (usually) dried up Natural Herbs and Plants concoctions etc and consume daily, regularly.

    Very much like they do, in the ‘Classic’ Chinese Kung Fu movies; simple but yet Very Potent Remedies indeed!
    Where Possible, Some of the available medicines have been made into capsules.

    In Brief, this form of Treatment is not only Truly Reliable, Geuinely Effective, free/SAFE from HARMFUL Side-Effects and what’s also Wonderful about it, is that it won’t cost an arm and a leg unlike the (Insanely) Exhorbitant Medical-Hospital Bill Charges.

    Most Importantly, in Malaysia “Traditional Malay Medicines” are Highly Recognised among the Locals and The Health Governing Body in the various Malaysian States Monitor and gave Approval/issue Licenses for such practice.

    In nearly every state in Malaysia, there can be found Associations for “Traditional Natural Herbal Remedies” where the Experts inthe field work closely with the government in monitoring and ensuriing for its Safe Practice.

    So to end, Please Contact me if You Ever Need my Help on ‘This Matter’. How many Lives can be Saved Out There, if only People Knew of this..

    Thank YOU, for Patiently Reading This Lengthy post.

    Kind Regards

  47. ric morris says:

    Shah… love your financial expertise and reporting…

    As far as finances of those organizations soliciting for donations for research on treating various forms of cancer, please check out how much (%) of the donations they collect actually goes to cancer research. It will amaze you!

  48. Civesevaexpip says:

    The major political race slated for 2012 in California is the US Senate race against incumbent Democrat Dianne Feinstein and a handful of Republican hopefuls. Last year Republican Senate candidate and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina gave Democrat incumbent Barbara Boxer a real scare. This has let to an invigorated Republican base, however polls have suggested the contrary. Recent polls have shown Feinstein with commanding to obscene leads ranging from 16 to 37 points.
    He now gives the greatest Christmas gift to all who will receive it – eternal life. A life with no politicians, or to be nicer, a life where there is no need for human governments. A life sweeter than we could ever know on earth. Merry Christmas!What if I told you there is good news for home owners that are in danger of losing their house? I am seeing more resources being added everyday for those scared folks losing their piece of “the American Dream”. We all have a big stake in this mortgage meltdown. For every person or family that loses their security and safety of “home, sweet home”, we all lose a little bit of our own confidence in our world. The security of believing in the big banking industry, the safety of knowing that all businesses involved in the mortgage fiasco should have known better, the confidence in our governing bodies to look out for our welfare. The mortgage industry should be held at a higher level because they are dealing with the most fundamental element of our very core as a people-our families, our children. I shudder to imagine the trauma that this inflicts upon our littlest casualties in this banking battleground. It is so hard for adults to cope with being literally yanked from their homes. What is this doing to our future generation? Will they be scarred for life and will they ever feel secure? Will any of us feel safe again?
    Most screw up and fail by moving into ineffective acts consistently.
    For anybody building a blog to earn an income it is important to recognize the need for their site to successfully fill the 3 separate roles discussed below!

  49. Shaspscab says:

    Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, parrots – who do you prefer? Or dialect mayhap what that bottomless animals – snakes, crocodiles, lizards, monkeys?

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