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The Modern World Is Killing Retail – Here’s How to Rake in Enormous Gains as Bricks-and-Mortar Crumble

The retail sector is falling at breakneck speed, driven by ever-growing Internet retailers who cater to customers’ convenience. The world has changed, and there is little room for bricks-and-mortar establishments. But before you go shorting retailers left and right, there are a few things you should know. The truth is, there’s a ton of money to be made on retail stocks – if you know what you’re doing. Here’s everything you need to know about retail’s downfall, and how you can choose the right stocks to make serious profits

The Decade’s Biggest Investing Trend Will Destroy Your Portfolio

The latest trend since the 2008 crash has been passive investing, which has poured staggering amounts of investors’ dollars into ETFs. While passive investing and ETFs may ­seem like a perfect match, the truth is much darker… In fact, the truth might just crash the markets. But there’s one surefire way to survive unscathed while everyone else tumbles down around you. Here’s how this popular investment vehicle will trigger the next market crash – and how you will survive

The One Stock with the Power to Profit on Trump’s Tax Overhaul

There are plenty of changes to expect during President Trump’s administration, and most people have no idea what effect the new tax policies will have on the market. In actuality, there is only one company that we can count on to profit… regardless of what politics come into play. Shah has broken down Trump’s current plan for our tax code, how it will affect your tax bracket, and the smartest play to come out on top. Read the full report here.

Market Outlook 2017: Where to Invest – and What to Avoid – in the New Year

After a most unlikely year, many investors are wary to make strong decisions in 2017. But for those who are looking in the right places, there are some plays that you can count on to make this year your best yet. Take a look at emerging markets, European financials, American banks, the best commodity opportunities for the savvy investor, and more; Shah has the coming year covered. Read the full report here.

The Single Sure Way to Profit in Donald Trump’s America

There’s one opportunity in our future that’s a no-brainer – because it’s the central pillar of Donald Trump’s economic plan. His focus on revitalizing the country’s deplorable infrastructure conditions is said to be his number one business priority. That’s great for America… and great for investors betting on infrastructure businesses. Shah is sharing his recommendations for profiting in this coming industrials boom… no matter what. Click here to learn more.

What How Near-Zero Interest Rates Are Killing the Economy and Threatening Your Retirement – And What You Can Do About it Now

The Federal Reserve’s low interest rates – the same ones that caused the credit crisis and Great Recession – are absolutely killing savers, retirees, and the economy. By the end of 2016 savers, retirees, and pension funds will have been shortchanged by an astounding $752 billion. That is not thing short of tyranny – and it’s about to get a whole lot worse. But Shah Gilani has a simple, three-step way to rescue your retirement from the tyranny central banks and the torture of low interest rates. Click here to learn more.

What Every Investor Needs to Know about the Panama Papers Leak

International journalists and investigators from around the world have only just begun to sift through the wreckage of the biggest leak in history – the Panama Papers. So far, 15 current and former heads of state have been named in the tax haven shell game, plus hundreds of other government officials, business moguls, and celebrities. And that’s just the beginning. Shah will tell you who’s been named, who’s in trouble, what banks are going down, how it will impact the markets, and – of course – how you can profit from the fallout. And here’s what’s really interesting… Shell companies aren’t “evil” on their own. They’re actually a beneficial arrangement that that smart investors should be taking advantage of them. In this report, Shah gives you a step-by-step guide that will show you how you can use this favorite tactic of the wealthy to minimize your tax bill and protect your assets. Full report.

How to Bank 90-Day Profits on the Marketplace Lending Shoot-Out

Sometimes called peer-to-peer lending or online lending, marketplace lending is a huge, disruptive force in the financial services industry – and it’s on the verge of making investors rich… but not in the way you might think. Thanks to supercharged growth over the last decade, marketplace lending has attracted the wrong kind of attention from regulators and other financial market overseers who fear it may be too disruptive for its own good. But Shah’s uncovered a trade that can deliver 90-day profits as the government goes after marketplace lenders. Full report.

Subzero: How Negative Interest Rates Will Finally Kill America’s Free Market

Over the last several months, we’ve seen the detrimental effects of negative interest rates in Europe and Japan – and now the Fed is threatening to do the same thing in the United States. Make no mistake, our central bank has already warned the country’s biggest financial institutions that negative rates are coming – it’s just a matter of time. When the next crisis hits – thanks to sliding global markets, turmoil in the Middle East, or anything else – the Fed will use negative interest rates to consolidate its control over the American economy… and perhaps even kill the free market in the process. Here’s everything you need to know… including how to protect your wealth in the Fed’s war against your economic freedom. Full report.

How to Protect Yourself from China’s Downfall

If there’s one Disruptor story that has dominated the global financial markets over the past two decades, it’s China. But given the recent market gyrations, China could be headed toward a 1929-style crash that could rival the Great Depression. Investors like you need to understand what’s going on in China – and you need to understand how to save yourself from one of the biggest market crashes of all time. Full report.

The Bond Market’s ‘Ground Zero’ – How to Cash in on the New ‘Greatest Trade Ever’

That ticking sound you hear is the European bond market getting ready to blow itself up. And when – not IF – it blows, it’ll take down European bonds, European stocks, and the euro. In this report, Shah gives you his four trades to make maximum windfall profits when the bond market unravels.  Full report.


Shah Gilani

Shah Gilani

Shah Gilani


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