Are These Big Bank Bigwigs Guilty of Fraud? You Decide

17 | By Shah Gilani

In 2008, the biggest banks in the Western world were being bailed out by their governments. Barclays, however, raised billions of dollars on its own to fortify its balance sheet and sidestep the inconvenience of having its executives’ compensation and bankers’ bonus pools subject to regulatory dictates.

Now it turns out that not everything was what it seemed.

Barclays Plc. (NYSE:BCS), the holding company that controls Barclays Bank Plc. (NYSE:BCS-PD), and four former top Barclays executives have been charged with fraud relating to how they raised the money that saved the bank and their paychecks from government oversight.

Whether they were just trying to save taxpayers money or their compensation packages will now be determined in criminal court.

But in the court of public opinion, the verdict’s already being tallied.

Get caught up on what they did and how, and then cast your vote here…

Guilty or innocent?

Sit Down and Listen Up: Here’s How I’m Delivering 44% Gains Per Day

6 | By Shah Gilani

For years now, I’ve been writing here in Insights & Indictments about America’s consumers, our consumer-driven economy, and the impact of the Internet on bricks-and-mortar stores and retail in general… And I’ve made a bunch of predictions.

Surprisingly or not, I’ve been right about almost every single one.

But being right is one thing, making money by looking into the future is something altogether different. If I dare say so myself, it’s much better.

That’s what I want to focus on today. Not about being right (well, maybe a little), but on how to make money on big trends.

If you’ve been following this column (or, even better, following my Zenith Trading Circle recommendations), you know exactly what I mean. Following my advice means you’ve cashed in on all those recommendations.

If you haven’t, here’s what’s happening with retail and how to hit it out of the park…