As the Market Reaches New Highs, These “Stressed Stocks” Will Get a Boost

4 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

On a recent episode of Varney & Co, Shah discussed why the Dow has reached an all-time high for the year – and reveals the market’s biggest “growth source” to look for in Q2. He even “leaks” the names of three “stressed stocks” that he believes will rise with the tide. Will Apple’s latest PR move help boost the stock in light of the iPhone hack scandal? Shah tells all, plus more on Google, Tesla, and Twitter stock developments, in his latest interview.

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One Trade to Profit from Online Lending’s Latest Headwind

1 | By Shah Gilani

For several months now, I’ve been telling you about the dangers of online lending, also known as peer 2 peer lending.

Back in December, I told you that you’d be better off borrowing from online lenders than investing in their stock.

And I was right.

Since then, online lenders have seen their stock prices pummeled by various market forces – however, things could soon get much worse…

Right now, the Supreme Court is giving serious consideration to a case that could undo decades of precedent… and absolutely crush online lenders.

Today, I’m going to tell you why the case could represent a landmark in finance… and more importantly, I’ll give you a trade that can deliver profits no matter how the court ultimately rules.

But before we do that, I need to give you a short history lesson on how we got here.

Let’s do it…

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