Could This “Rocktober” Rally Bring the Market to New Highs?

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Investors need to keep one eye open during the recent market rally, Shah warned viewers during his latest Fox Business appearance. With the economy slipping backward and disappointing numbers floating in, Shah believes we could be approaching “a very precarious situation” that will be keeping investors on their toes through the rest of 2015.

Will the markets hit 18,000? Or will we see a correction that could send the markets tumbling to new lows?

Shah helps soothe skittish investors by answering all these questions and more in this video.

Glencore’s Murky Past and Uncertain Future

5 | By Shah Gilani

The story of the man who started Glencore PLC – and why he fled the United States (and needed and got a presidential pardon) – is a crazy one.

But it pales compared to the ongoing story of Glencore itself – how this Swiss firm grew from one of the most powerful private commodities company in the world to the globe’s most powerful publicly traded commodities company… and how relentless growth in pursuit of staggering personal wealth drove Glencore’s existence and global markets to the edge of an abyss.

It’s a story I know well: As a trader, I followed the company closely for years. And I actually chronicled the Glencore saga for Forbes several years back.

So no one is better-positioned to bring this tale to you.

That’s why you should listen when I say that if Glencore can’t survive over the next few months the company’s collapse could splatter the markets in a manner that’s every bit as gruesome as the Lehman Brothers collapse of 2008.

First, I’ll relate how Glencore came into existence.

Then, I’ll detail how the company could easily implode.

Finally, I’ll let you know what to look for so you’ll know Glencore’s brakes have failed and it’s heading over the cliff, taking global markets with it.

Plus, I’ll show you some ways you can make some big money on this potentially horrific crash…