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President-elect Trump’s Latest Move Will Be Great for the Economy and the Markets

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After a campaign season in which Donald Trump went after American companies – specifically tech companies – for stashing both jobs and cash overseas, Varney & Co. host Stuart Varney asked Shah point-blank about news that Trump will meet with tech companies in New York on December 14. Stuart said it appeared as though Trump was preparing to “strong-arm” the industry.

Shah pointed out that unlike the Carrier deal or the incident regarding Boeing, Trump was reaching out to an entire industry, and that his approach could help repatriate billions in cash and lead to the creation of thousands of jobs.

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Three Stocks That Will Ride the Market’s New Highs

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The markets are in uncharted territory, with the Dow marching toward 21,000, you may be wondering which stocks are still a buy at these new all-time highs. On this latest episode of Varney & Co, Shah gave his thoughts on three stocks that are potential buys for the savvy investor.

Before tackling the stock market, the discussion gets into Trump’s Treasury and Commerce picks – Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross.

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We Knew Mnuchin Was Coming – Here Are His First Steps as Treasury Secretary

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Now that Shah’s predictions has been confirmed and Steve Mnuchin has been tapped for Treasury Secretary, everyone wants to know what his next move will be.

On this latest episode of Making Money, Shah outlines exactly what Mnuchin will need to do to make room for four years of growth under a Trump presidency.

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Here’s How Donald Trump Can Keep Markets Rallying

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Everyone was surprised to see how quickly the markets rallied after the election, and it’s even more surprising that we’re still riding that high. During his recent appearance on Making Money, Shah outlined how Trump can keep the skies looking blue.

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What It Would Take to Push Markets All the Way to 21k

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Now that Dow 20,000 is right on the horizon, Varney & Co. host Stuart Varney asked Shah what it would take to get even further. Considering the trillions of dollars on the sidelines, the lack of resistance to the upside, and how a Trump presidency will affect the economy… Shah says 21k is attainable.

He also talked about Twitter’s “internal mistake” and how it will impact the stock, and Apple’s desperate return to Black Friday.

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Shah Talks Dow 19K and the Latest Plan to Break Up the TBTF Banks

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Just a few weeks ago, 19,000 on the Dow seemed impossible – but the market continues to surprise post-election.

Speaking on a recent episode of Varney & Co.,Shah told viewers that 19k that is well within reach – and it could come sooner than many think…

Shah also shared his thoughts on a newly proposed plan to break up “Too Big to Fail” banks.

Minnesota Fed President Neel Kashkari’s plan involves increasing the financial stability requirements that would naturally lead to smaller banks with less risky balance sheets.

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Trump’s Election Didn’t Crash Markets – Here’s What Happened Instead

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The day after the election – and the 800-point drop in the Dow Futures overnight – Shah visited the set of Varney & Co. to discuss the aftermath in the financial markets.

Or, rather, the surprising lack thereof.

While markets threatened to tank while the election results rolled in, they rebounded and were up at the open.

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The True State of the Economy – and the Fed’s Next Move

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On Making Money, host Charles Payne asked Shah about what’s really going on with the slow-to-no-growth economy, and how economic anxiety will manifest itself as we approach Election Day.

Shah, of course, was as candid as always.

Just hours before the below clip was recorded, the central bank’s Federal Open Market Committee again announced it would not be raising rates, but continued to suggest that it could do so in December.

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Here’s What the Fed Will Do Come December

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Ahead of the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee announcement on whether or not it would raise interest rates, Shah joined Varney and Co. to discuss the central bank’s likely course of action before and after the most contentious presidential election in recent memory.

According to Shah, the Fed is telegraphing a December rate hike to give markets ample opportunity to adjust ahead of time.

But if Donald Trump wins the election, an outcome that’s looking increasingly plausible as we approach Election Day, all bets are off.

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Forget Apple – These Two Stocks Are the Big Innovators Going Forward

2 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

On a recent episode on Varney & Co., host Stuart Varney put the question to Shah: Is Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) still an innovative company, or are they simply milking the legacy of Steve Jobs?
Shah says no – there’s no reason to buy AAPL right now if you don’t own it… and if you do own it, you might want to consider taking profits.

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