The Only Way to Make Money off Blue Apron

6 | By Shah Gilani

Blue Apron Holdings Inc.’s (NYSE:APRN) days, despite first debuting on the NYSE as recently as June 28th, may be numbered.

Amid rumors of the company having to go public to raise desperately-needed cash, they made their debut exactly when tech stocks were tumbling. As if that wasn’t hard enough, they also collided with the announcement that Amazon.Com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) was buying Whole Foods, knocking the company’s pre-IPO valuation down from $3.2 billion to $1.9 billion.

Since the stock began trading in the open market, it’s down a whopping 36%.

A big chunk of that loss came this week, some might say out of left field.

Left field is, of course, where Amazon lurks before pouncing onto center stage and upending whatever game everyone’s playing. The business that Blue Apron thought it controlled got punched in the gut by what Amazon just did.

Here’s what it means for Blue Apron, and how to profit from their almost inevitable end…

Blue Apron: A Recipe for Disaster

2 | By Shah Gilani

Blue Apron Holdings Inc. (NYSE:APRN), the meal kit delivery company named for the uniform that apprentice chefs wear in France, is seeing red, as in huge losses.

But it gets worse. Blue Apron’s stock, which just debuted on June 28th, is losing ground even faster than the company’s losing subscribers.

Initially founded in 2012, Blue Apron’s business model of delivering prepackaged ingredients and recipes to subscribers’ doorsteps for them to prepare at home, sounded sexy.

The theory was sound. Talk of how the smart business model would disrupt traditional grocery shopping and pose a new challenge to restaurant businesses drew a lot of attention and garnered the young Blue Apron some neat headlines.

But there are headlines, and then there’s the story.

Here’s how Blue Apron doomed themselves, and what makes them a really bad investment…